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  1. Skip the #300 and go directly to #301 just kidding couldnt resist...I have student focus on the horizon under canopy they tend to want to look down. Also if you do spin them "unwind" their inner ear by doing one 360 in the opposite direction (scientific proven fact...really)
  2. Whats the chances of running a Railroad tracks at the same time a train crosses...for example what if a TM has a premature drogue release...now u have a huge canopy holding upwind where funjumpers may be freefalling/drifting..personally i wanna be concentrating on docks not hmmm wonder if pilot dropped me over an open canopy"...look out belowwwww...""better safe than sorry,eh?!?"
  3. Rigger stated his old DZ would bitch if they noticed TM not pulling the primary b/c of the hard pull practice, if warned, it would be grounds for grounding "...allow myself..to introduce myself"
  4. Stunts says below 1500 only if catastrophic... and for the one upper it is taught upper left so can hold passenger with right arm then pull reserve with left
  5. This vidiot says go out the baggage door!
  6. Thanks for all the input, i'm definitely not comfy flying my velocity with WS yet. the 120s were a viper and stiletto that twisted saved the stiletto w/ lil time 2 spare tho the sabre2-150 & pilot 150 have had no twists, the pilots been a lil off heading & the deep flare hasnt grown on me yet (used to PDs flare) thinkin the triathlon & spectre will be next but the shorter glide gives me pause. the 9cell to 7cell convert sounded happy
  7. LOL sounds like a Mastercard commercial i'm waiting for the finish ie. "....being able to have the story told to ya afterwards....PRICELESS.."
  8. I'm jumping the V1 and have demoed the pilot and sabre2 150. I have no experience in the 7 cell canopy. my 120 spun up and cut that one away. Im looking for a canopy that is not prone to spin and if it should confidence be high that it'll unwind. What are all the common canopies that wingsuiters are using? I'm 1.26 Wingload. ps. i've found a 2000 triathlon 150 for a deal but haven't testflown yet.
  9. Technically it isa RW jump. And to ad to "Base's" statement i use the chest strap just before exit when it's time to launch i let go and push off with big toe that's curled onto the doors edge. The 206U with door behind wing does not allow for steps to be added outside plus there is a tail to contend with b/c of closeness to door and no u cant reach the wheel to stand on plus prop blast and did i mention nothing to brace/hold on to. It amazes me how in this sport many are prejudice to evolve for the situation no thanks to u guys how far this sport has come.
  10. Canon rocks, especially since it has Tandem Video mode (TV)
  11. Panasonic's WJAVE-5, allows 2 s-video in and 2 audio ins
  12. mini dv has 100,000 pixels, therefore it wont be as good as that. You also realize that you have to still connect that piece to a camcorder which can be now carried in/on your suit!?!
  13. REVIEW UPDATE...after the below issues and two software updates later, Neptune is now working without fail, EXCEPT for the difficulty in hearing over wind noise still. With the protec helmet, Neptune installed inside next to ear, audible cannot be heard with high speed/wind. Although Protrac can. Neptune says they are worried about hearing loss liability...and what, Protrac isn't? Two Neptunes have gone haywire, pressure sensor, thought it was jumping, apparently. Neptune's only 2 months old, but they expect me to ship it back at my cost, if it peturbs me, its probably not fair, compared to other customer service policy. ps.Not sure if L&B charges shipping 'cause never had any problems with IT!
  14. dusm12

    Freefly Pants

    I love my michigan..asked many video veterans, all went with Michigan so of course so did I. Chose supplex option with baggie ankles (drive when out, speed when in) Have slid the pants on some downwinds and held well. No loose strings at all! Only con with the camera jacket is that the plastic zipper separates at bottom sometimes.
  15. a flare is a flare, higher loading longer flare b/c of speed on final. I am at 1.5 at 250 jumps but empty weight of 165lbs, although unproven heavier weighted wing loading looks as if their falling out of the sky. besides the low turn and off landing issue aspect, i must say sounds like ur canopy is inadequate, remember what country u received that reference at. I would fly a 139 safire and unless i had good headwind it's flare never levelled off, and good flying canopy should, based on ur pattern it might be ur canopy. "..but im not a rigger"