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  1. Great Suit. Got delivered in 14 days Rush service). Fit is amazing. I ordered the double lined legs and you can really feel the push in the sky. Great workmanship. Awesome price. I highly recommend this suit.
  2. You will need very large amounts of water. Control your fear. Breathe. Ask anyquestions you might have no matter how stupid you think they are. This could change your life forever so bring a camera.
  3. Ordered a camera helmet with box and cam eye and they had it asembled and to my door in six days from Australia. Amazing. I cant wait to try it out this weekend!!!!
  4. Im looking to hear from someone who uses the back of the hand strap for the viso. Do you like it? How does it mount and is the mounting more durable than the wist strap that came with it. Love the viso hate the wrist strap I just want to know if the back of the hand set up from L&B is better or is the only option instrament gloves.
  5. Cat urinated on my roomates canopy. Cleaned it but i wonder if it is safe to use fabreez or anyother anti smell divices?
  6. Measurements taken by Mirage factoy Rep. They are just not taking care of me.
  7. It is in regards to a G4. During the first week of October I ordered my first container a custom G4 arrived looking great in the first week of November when my canopies arrived on December 1st a Rigging Loft assembled it and with extreme excitement went to pick it up. When I tried it on we realized it would not fit a person half my size. Understanding mistakes happen I sent it back on the 2nd of December and discussed with mirage fixing the harness to the measurements that the rig was ordered with and the situation needed to be fixed as fast as possible. Not until I called on January 4th where told the harness had been fixed and had just been sitting there for 2 weeks! It was sent out on Jan 6th and arrived on the 10th. I drive 2 hours to try on the harness again and upon trying on the harness the chest strap is on my belly and to short and the rings are also way to low. This was to say the least a shock. I am at a loss for words. I than sent it back again got it back jan 20th better but chest strap still is to short. Ive talked to some cool people at mirage love there stuff but they cant seem to get it right given 4 trys. This is a 2100.00 product the measurements where taken by a master rigger and I still don't have a container that fits for 3 months this has cost me quite a bit. Hundreds of dollars of renting rigs to jump when I should of had my own. Assembly costs connecting and packing canopies to a container that after three tries still does not fit and here I am still not knowing what is going on spending more money on renting equipment. Ask for my money back get a Vector or demand a complete re-build. What should I do
  8. Not even if it is a student or tandem rig owned by the DZ?
  9. Do the packers at your DZ get charged for all or part of the cost of a lost cutaway main that they packed? I'm not talking about a reserve re-pack but for the replacement cost of the main?
  10. Red Bull Every Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yes. That was a long test taking expirence yesterday. my neck still hurts.
  12. It took all the money and guts I could come up with. It took me 30 tries just to stand up my first landing! I just wanted to tell everyone here that I could not have done it with out all my friends here at Thanks for everything.
  13. You have to Just do it!!!!!!!! It is well worth the fear.