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  1. A much simpler solution and one that your dropzone is probably going to be happier with (people don't like when you attach ANYTHING to rigs) is buying yourself some padded cycling shorts. The padding should be more than enough and wont mean trying to attach padding to a rig that is bound to get lost in freefall eventually anyway Good luck
  2. FFAddict


    If your looking for cheap but decent accomodation look no further than the bunk house on the DZ. Its not the hilton but its clean and comfortable and about 30 seconds walk from manifest!
  3. FFAddict

    Buying DVD's in the UK

    The original soul flyers is easy to find in just about every DZ shop, but if you want soul flyers 2 your probably best to order it on www.para-mag.com or on www.flyyourbody.com. Both sites invlove ordering in french but its worth the trouble, and if you do a forum search for the sites people have done guides to fill out the forms fo the non french speakers like me. I ordered a copy of both befor christmas and had them within 3 weeks.
  4. FFAddict

    To Spain or not to Spain

    I do not want to discourage you from starting jumping, it is something i love and im sure you will love it too. But you must realise that this is not a cheap sport and going for the cheapest option is not always the best idea both because of safety and because of your learning. Having said that i have heard very good things about free fall university from visiting skydivers and students like you and im sure they will offer you great training. I cant give you first hand info about the place as ive not been yet but it is certainly a DZ i want to visit. Take a look at the dropzone reviews section for some firsthand opinions of the place. You should have no problem with getting qualified in spain and then jumping in the UK. The only possible probelm is that if you dont finish your course you may have to go back a level or two in your progression befor you can carry on training in the uk. but you should be able to get the entire course done easily if the weather is on your side. Good luck, hope you enjoy it Stephen
  5. FFAddict

    Skydive Spain reviews??

    I cant give you any first hand information, since ive not been yet, but i have been told by a lot of people that it is a great DZ especially with the new Brit managment. It should be especially good while your out there with the boogie going on, lots to do im sure. I am coming out with a few people just after new year so if your still around im sure we can have a drink or two... and i guess we could skydive!
  6. FFAddict

    side sliding in freefall

    i just finished doing skydive u to get my fs1 and struggled with side slides as well, so i know how it feels. Firstly remember to relax. No matter what your doing in the air you must be relaxed because the second you tense up you stop flying your body and wont beable to do anything. I was not told to try and tilt my body but to look at and shift my hips sideways towards the direction i want to move in. by moving your hips your arms and legs will naturally be pointing in the opposite direction giving you some movement but more importantly moving your hips will change your centre of gravity and tilt your body. I struggled with it for a few jumps but the second i stopped thinking about it too much and just pushed my hips sideways everythng else falls into place and its actually pritty easy. hope this helps and good luck stephen
  7. FFAddict

    Slippery ZP

    Im certainly no expert, but when i bought my new canopy (pilot) i was advised to get it packed for me for the first 50 or so jumps to get rid of the worst "slipperyness" (if thats a word!!)
  8. FFAddict


    he may have been wearing the glasses in freefall but i doubt very much he will have been listening in free fall, its just too loud to hear anything. He proably used it on the way up and maybe under canopy but freefall i doubt. even if he could get it working in free fall i personally thiunk it would ruin it for me. i love the feeling of freedom you get and music would spoil it for me
  9. FFAddict

    skydive dubai

    Ive not been so this is second hand info ive got from people because im going to be out there later in the year. Aparantly the DZ is pritty nice if a bit remote (about an hours drive from dubai) they have an AC packing hanger and a small shop. They only usually run weekends (thursday, friday) but if your in a group, or another group is around, they will run all week long, just contact them befor hand to sort it out. hope this helps
  10. FFAddict

    Good snippets of advice

    This one is just for the guys - A nut under is far worse than a line over The moral of the story, tighten your leg straps properly you will wish you had if you forget!
  11. FFAddict

    skyvan exits

    You wil need to check with the CCI/Pilot first to make sure they are happy to let you do this. But the best exit i have seen by far was hanging from the bar on the edge of the lowered door (assuming your skyvan has one) and trailing behind the plane and the just dropping away. Look very cool and although ive not done it is suppose to be very cool to do
  12. FFAddict

    Skydiving friendly bank

    there is not cheap way to skydive as a hobby, its very simple. People who have thousands of jumps work within the industry, have been jumping for many many years or a just rich! I have only been jumping for about 4 months and ive already spent about £6K. Just be prepared to go slow (unlike me) or have a nice interest free credit card
  13. I personally just did AFF, but a guy on my AFF course had done some static line and switched for the same sort of reasons to you. I dont think he had done as much as you but still they sat with him talked through what he had done and what he still needed to work on and then merged some of the AFF levels together. He still had to start with two instructors to make sure he was ok in the air but then they progressed him much faster. I think he did two less jumps than normal AFF then on to consol jumps. Good luck and enjoy
  14. FFAddict

    I love my Pilot

    Your making me over excited now, im still waiting for mine to arrive
  15. FFAddict

    Is this a gooddeal?

    Like i said in the last thread, the deal if you have that sort of money is pritty good. It does work out at a lot per jump (around $50) but you do get a lot of coaching, use of equipment... that you would not usually get. The problem that most people have with the course is that you can get most of the 'extras' for free at your local DZ. If you want to learn to pack and maintain gear most DZ will teach you for free. IF you want to learn to learn work manifest im sure that no DZ is going to turn you away if you just offer to work for free. In my opinion if you want to work in the industry and you have the money this is probably a good way to start. But if your prepared to take a bit more time learning you will beable to learn just as much and get in more jumps by volunteering at a DZ without spending a fortune, which you can instead use to invest in gear. And one thing to remember is that even after you do the course (if you do it) your still not going to be employable as a coach... so you will probably end up doing a bit of packing and the rest of time fueling panes and sweeping up until you get your numbers up