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  1. mattjw916

    PD Silhouette W/L chart

    Terms like "flies small" or "flies big" are highly subjective. Who knows what canopies the people that said that have flown, their experience level, or if they're just parroting comments to make themselves sound insightful. PD's charts are very old and very conservative. Not to say that's bad, it's just a fact. People regularly greatly exceed even the "MAX" weight listed. I've even flown a Silhouette 150 with an exit weight over the MAX... I even swooped it and managed a decent surf while wearing/dragging a wingsuit behind me. To me, a Silhouette doesn't "fly small", it feels like a boat because of the range of canopies and loadings I normally fly. It just feels like a normal "square" canopy that opens a bit sharply and has a mediocre flare with not much on the bottom-end. If you're landing it safely and you have an instructor (who knows you) that recommended it, you're probably fine. It's a very conservative design which is not much different than the Navigator you were using. You'd probably enjoy flying something like a Sabre2 190 more though if you can find one to try out, it's just a better overall canopy.
  2. mattjw916

    lifespan for an epicine canopy??

    Why would you want an Epicine would be my first question... especially if you're concerned about canopy lifespan. Just a thought.
  3. mattjw916

    SA2 150 in M4 Mirage G3 container

    It'll be fine. I've had 9 cell 150s of various types in M5 and M3 sized containers. M4 will be no issue.
  4. mattjw916


    Deployed by RSL after breakaway in basically a completely horizontal orientation after a violently spinning mal on my Samurai 120. The R-Max 148 loaded a bit under 1.4:1 opened quick and without any drama. I literally have no complaints about this canopy; it performed exactly as expected. Excellent value for the money.
  5. mattjw916

    First Cutaway

    Had my first one last weekend too. Spun up quite violently for no apparent reason. Was annoyed more than anything else.
  6. mattjw916

    Changeable Mode vs Expert Cypres

    considering how fast a moderately used Cypres sells online (minutes, if they are a few years old), I don't think the extra money is worth it
  7. I do basically the same thing at every new DZ I visit: Get the briefings on the landing pattern, hazards, outs, etc... Find an LO Introduce myself and give them an idea of my experience level Go jump (something reasonable in size you're comfortable with) Hang in brakes a bit after deployment and then follow the crowd in on the pattern. Repeat After a few jumps it will feel routine to be jumping from Otters and such... just don't panic at the sight of all those canopies in the sky... they are generally much farther away than you think.
  8. mattjw916

    FREE FLY HANDLE question

    well the Mirage ones definitely have something in there that provides rigidity, plastic I'd guess, with a layer of Cordura wrapped around it
  9. mattjw916

    Pilot 168 to Storm 170

    I'm curious why you think changing to a completely different canopy (Pilot to Storm) would prepare you for a downsize. That does not compute IMO. If you want to try new things, go for it... but that doesn't seem necessary to me. If anything, go grab a 10lb weight belt and see how your Pilot flies when loaded up a bit more. That would be a little more relevant IMO. Pilot and Sabre2 are in the same ballpark so I wouldn't expect any surprises. Those canopies and stuff like the Fusion and Safire 1 & 2 all fly very similarly. Mushier stuff would be like a Pulse or Silhouette and a notch up would be Stiletto, Nitron, Zulu... full-retard non-cross-braced are loaded up Katanas, Samurai, Crossfires, and the Mamba. BTW, you should talk to your local canopy coach before doing anything crazy and just because someone has a rigger's ticket, doesn't necessarily mean they have a lot of canopy piloting experience. Have fun!
  10. I just happened to have a 2006 SIM on my shelf and this "successful completion of the planned formation(s) on ten group freefall jumps" is indeed listed as a B license requirement.
  11. mattjw916


    I know one person in particular that jumps their Wings rig relentlessly. And by that I mean someone who puts more jumps on it in a year than most do in a lifetime. I was never a big fan of Wings but after watching that tiny rig get punished day in and day out I would have no qualms about buying one and certainly no concerns about its durability.
  12. mattjw916

    The four times you might quit skydiving

    Holy wall of text Batman! TLDR
  13. mattjw916

    Rig not jumped in 15 months

    if it's in a dry climate-controlled place you can just leave it packed ZP gets pretty sticky when you leave it in a dbag for a loooong time... basically it turns into a brick if you let it sit long enough... you can safely peel it apart though if you have the space, pull it out and repack it once in a while or just let it air out and shove it in a big plastic bin
  14. mattjw916

    Going to my first Boogie

    plan the dive, dive the plan... know the landing areas and all the outs, don't do big tracking dives or get in over your head om anything never done Summerfest but I did WFFC back in the day which was crazy big by modern standards just don't do stupid shit and you'll be fine
  15. mattjw916

    Mirage G3 M2 with Optimum 160 & Spectre 170?

    yeup optimal+optimal=very tight in a Mirage and downright frustrating with a slippery new canopy I have an M3 and a Nitron 150 and an R-Max 148 are basically as tight as I'd want to go in it. I also had an M5 with a PD176 and a Safire 189 which I'd stick in the tight-ish category for reference. I went all the way down to a couple different 150s in it without it being too loose. Remember Mirage is in Florida so if you pack somewhere really, really dry like the desert optimal=tight.