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  1. Who wants to come help me set a World Record!!? Last Feb @Amber Taylor and I ran a big way camp and set the FL state, USA, and SANS World Records!! This March 23-26 we plan to do it again at Skydive Sebastian!! Sign up, keep working on your belly skills, and let's CRUSH it!!
  2. Does the slider block your view when you look back? I worry being at "eye-level" it could cause a hazard. I would rather it be pulled down on the Yoke, but I have Wings...
  3. I was wondering if anyone was using Chuting Star Risers and/or the Slider Keeper mod they offer for any risers. What are your thoughts? If you have used the Slider Keeper, did it work well for you? I have a Wings rig, and there is not a good keeper option that I know of, because of the way the reserve flap is closed.