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  1. Beech 18 in Slioam Springs, AR at Skyranch. Greenie in training.
  2. Eule got it figured out. I had an add for a neptune up that was not displaying a thumbnail, changed the name to one word no spaces and it fixed the problem. Greenie in training.
  3. That is 8pm central? What is the second time for? Greenie in training.
  4. If you are trying out new fuels for your spud gun I would suggest setting up a way to fire it remotely. One of the grill igniters with some longer wires works fine. Greenie in training.
  5. SkiD_PL8

    DaVinci Code

    I actually really liked the movie. I never read the book though. Greenie in training.
  6. Thanks for the post. That is a very cool shot! Greenie in training.
  7. If both parties involved were using birth control I would think it would really reduce the odds of getting pregnant. Would have been handy a few months ago when my fiance got pregnant while on the pill. Greenie in training.
  8. I celebrate haloween to give marky more business. Greenie in training.
  9. You can help people by going downstairs and washing my bike. Greenie in training.
  10. Don't get them drunk... Find the ones that are already drunk. Greenie in training.
  11. Ya I saw that on my google homepage today. I especially like where they say you should try to go into a stand before impact and that it shouldn't be hard because it is instinctive. Greenie in training.
  12. Is anyone running the circumventor on a website that I could use? I had one from another user but I can't remember who it was and I no longer have the URL. PM or post here so everyone can use. Greenie in training.
  13. I think they took it as you packing yourself with one toggle unstowed to simulate a toggle fire on opening. That would be dangerous for you, if you mean just unstowing one toggle after you are open and flying go for it, that is just like a turn. They are two totally different animals though. Greenie in training.
  14. Several colleges still have a swimming requirement to graduate. Greenie in training.
  15. From the article that got posted. "Once the procedure is finished, sometimes the object will shift slightly from it's original position and that's completely normal. However, if the customer is careless and doesn't take proper care, the object can shift severely and in turn change the look of the design." Greenie in training.