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  1. SkiD_PL8

    Any photography buffs out there?

    There is a forum that is for photography and video. It can be found [url;]here.[/url]
  2. SkiD_PL8

    tyrolean S

    Don't name sites. Read the forum rules.
  3. SkiD_PL8

    Non DZ jumps

    That is very cool, I am interested in hearing the answer to that as well. Let me add one more question to whoever can respond. Will the same rules apply to powered parachutes, and ultralight aircraft with 2 seats?
  4. SkiD_PL8

    Platform Clearance

    I can't really speak for the BASE environment since I have only jumped span's. That being said I can hop 6 feet on the ground. I would think on a BASE exit, I am guessing from an "A" that 5 or so feet would be sufficent depending on how athletic you are. Stand on the bed of a truck or your porch or something and hop off and see how far you go without trying too hard then judge it from there.
  5. SkiD_PL8

    jumping again

    If you are wanting to lose weight go for cardio not sit-up's. All sit-up's do are tone muscle they don't really burn much fat. Welcome back.
  6. SkiD_PL8 Down??

    They were having SQL errors yesterday. Maybe the hosting company is trying to resolve the issue.
  7. SkiD_PL8

    Opinions on camera repair?

    You might have better luck posting that [url;]here[/url].
  8. SkiD_PL8

    The Alliance of Backcountry Parachutists is Here!

  9. SkiD_PL8

    Have you done a NAKED skydive?!

    I wouldn't say I "really" want to. I will however do it if there is a naked load going and I am there.
  10. SkiD_PL8

    Business plan for DZ

    Why not write your own business plan? It is a great tool when starting or acquiring a business. I know of at least two businesses that run directly off of their business plan. Speak with someone from the SBA in your area they will be able to help you out.
  11. SkiD_PL8

    NickDG . . .

    Great to hear! Take good care of him!
  12. SkiD_PL8

    Should Ken Swyers be on the List . . . ?

    He was attempting a BASE jump. I think he deserves to be put on the list. Even though the skydive is actually what killed him it was only the means to an end - the BASE jump.
  13. Big toolbag and people who think we still jump rounds looking at it from a few hundred feet down would be my guess. Better to be safe than sorry.
  14. SkiD_PL8

    TSA Changes Waiver Process

    Link didn't work for me.
  15. I think missy has the right idea for the next "vision" for the sport. Check it out [url;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread]here[/url].