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  1. Damion

    Handycam with GoPro 5/6 pic and vid

    Pulling the card from the bottom is a hassle. The video and picture mode is 1 oic every 5 seconds or more, so you would definitely need two cameras. And the glove isn't an issue. Contact Simon Wade in Boulder City, he can craft anything.
  2. Damion

    Parachutist Back inside Cover

    Basically because if you don't know if the other side is going to ride thru, you do it anyways. They should have the leg straps and not the jump suit.
  3. Damion

    Handycam with GoPro 5/6 pic and vid

    Hey guys. Just seeing if anyone has switched over to the 5 or 6 and if they have had any issues. Ive been using the 3+ black for video and 2 for pictures the last few years and have decided it is time to think about upgrading. I'm probably going to get two 5's, one for video and one for pictures. Has anyone else switched to this setup? How are the pictures? What settings are you using? Any comments, concerns, and/or experiences are welcomed.
  4. Damion

    Sony a 5100 and GoPro 5

    I am looking to set up a Sony a 5100 and a GoPro 5 for tandem videos. I would like the video and pictures to match up as best as possible. The 3 lens I am looking at purchasing are the 16mm, 20mm, and 50mm. I know there are differences between film, SLR's and now even for the mirrorless. Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn the differences? Or is there anyone out there with a similar setup that would be willing to share their experiences. Thank you in advance for your time.