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  1. Pulling the card from the bottom is a hassle. The video and picture mode is 1 oic every 5 seconds or more, so you would definitely need two cameras. And the glove isn't an issue. Contact Simon Wade in Boulder City, he can craft anything.
  2. Basically because if you don't know if the other side is going to ride thru, you do it anyways. They should have the leg straps and not the jump suit.
  3. Hey guys. Just seeing if anyone has switched over to the 5 or 6 and if they have had any issues. Ive been using the 3+ black for video and 2 for pictures the last few years and have decided it is time to think about upgrading. I'm probably going to get two 5's, one for video and one for pictures. Has anyone else switched to this setup? How are the pictures? What settings are you using? Any comments, concerns, and/or experiences are welcomed.
  4. I am looking to set up a Sony a 5100 and a GoPro 5 for tandem videos. I would like the video and pictures to match up as best as possible. The 3 lens I am looking at purchasing are the 16mm, 20mm, and 50mm. I know there are differences between film, SLR's and now even for the mirrorless. Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn the differences? Or is there anyone out there with a similar setup that would be willing to share their experiences. Thank you in advance for your time.
  5. Skydive SD is the place to go, Pacific only has a 206 and I dont know if they allow fun jumpers anymore. Skydive SD has 2 twin otters, a caravan and is plenty busy to send up multiple loads each day.
  6. I wont go into all the details about it but the Precision tandem main is a direct copy of the Icarus 365. Precision use to manufacture the canopy for Icarus before Icarus took it over and now they make it on their own. The Precision canopy has been out since at least 2007 when I first got my tandem rating. I have done around 40 tandems on a Precision and around 250 on the Icarus 365. Didn't notice that big of a difference in terms of control and flare power, but definitely noticed more toggle pressure in the Precision over the Icarus. I thought both canopies open well and perform excellent. It was a huge difference from the 384-EZ I had been jumping.
  7. One camera is 3 years old (400 Jumps) and the other is probably the same age but I didnt start using it til January(40 jumps max). I always use a new tape, the most I record over is about 30 seconds if I forget to turn the camera off. Yeap, same brand, Sony Premium tapes. One time I used a off brand that someone gave me. Now the tapes I bought all at the same time.... 3 years ago. But the tapes have worked fine for other people so I am pretty sure the tapes arent the issue.
  8. So I have a PC 105 that is giving me issues. The first is that I get bars across the screen when I record, yes I have cleaned the heads. The second is on play back it will all of a sudden just go to a blue screen. I am guessing that there is something wrong with the heads because once I clean them the play back works. I have had to clean the heads when I get down from a jump for the last 5 jumps and sometimes multiple times in a single play back session. But do I really need to do this after every jump? I have a neoprene condom on the camera and I dont really think that there is any cracks that would allow excess dirt in. I know people that dont use condoms and throw their helmet on the ground when they are down from a jump and throw it in the back of car when they leave. I take very good care of my equipment but I guess I have not been rough enough with it or something. Tough'n it up ya know... ;) Any ideas or suggestions?
  9. Someone made these patches for my uncle after he died. I am looking for anyone that has a few of these left. I just got a new jumpsuit that I am really looking forward to attaching it to. 8^D PM me here(dont do that I never check this site) or goto myspace. Thank you in advance. Nick www.myspace.com/nickroti
  10. Just flexing your muscles is a workout and you can do it sitting down or anywhere. Stretching uses your muscles!!!!!!!! Does the theory of using your muscles to burn fat make any sense!!!! Sorry I just stopped by to make a post and saw this. Come on people.... use your muscles!
  11. Another case of instant gratification. I walk around the dropzone sometime and notice all the minor things wrong with rigs. from untacked slinks to little stitches that should be burned to a fuzzy chest strap. its never an issue til there is a problem. ive seen holes in canopies that are fixed with duct tape! man i could go on, but the only reason why i posted this was to explain the problem with instant gratification. people spend all that time waiting and are in a hurry to get it done so they can go jump before the weather rolls in or whatever. take your time, its your life. A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. - Dutch Proverb
  12. either byron or perris. :D :o smiley spam!!!