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  1. d_squared431

    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome to dz.com and I hope you have a great tandem.
  2. d_squared431

    POPUP Ad, on Dorkzone, Really.....

    I have a pop up blocker and im getting pop ups from the adds from fishers catch of the day. Can someone fix this...?
  3. d_squared431

    Midwest Drop Zone for 16 Year Old

    http://www.pegasusairsports.com/Skydiving.htm I searched for you and this is the only place that I found that will allow you besides lodi...
  4. d_squared431

    feels like a silly question

    Go to your profile and hit edit profile. Then scroll down and you cant miss the box for your sig line.
  5. d_squared431

    Yea I know, another Texan

    Welcome to the forums....
  6. d_squared431

    New Guy

    Welcome to the forums.
  7. d_squared431

    New jumper in Texas

    Welcome to the forums..
  8. d_squared431


    Welcome to the forums.
  9. If I remember correctly, St pattys day is always on march 17th and this yr that is on a wed. I would assume it will be starting that weekend....
  10. d_squared431

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the forums...
  11. d_squared431

    Broken Bones

    welcome to the forums.
  12. d_squared431

    New to skydiving, just need some info

    Welcome to the forums..
  13. d_squared431

    Hello DZ.com!

    Hello Chris!! Welcome to dz.com the place that will demand all your free time. A place you will sneak to when you are supposed to be working. A place you will lose all sense of reality and commons sense. A place no matter how hard you try to avoid you find yourself here. A place where you will learn things you have never thought existed or terms/phrase that will make your chin hit the floor. A place were we have a guy older than, well he is just old. A place where post numbers matter. A place where, well you get the point... Congrats and getting your A.
  14. d_squared431

    New to Skydiving

    Welcome to the forums