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  1. Successful: everybody had fun, no one got hurt Successful & Really Good: the above + everyone landed back at the DZ, I landed perfectly within 5 meters of my target Successful & we MUST do that again -- let's manifest!: all of the above + we accomplished the dive objectives :-)
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    Zen Moment

    Going through the door.
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    IF true..this guy is FUNNY
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    porter exits

    Hey SPAWNmaster: While I’m no expert on Porter exits (or those from any other airplane for that matter) we were jumping one this weekend at The Blue Sky Ranch, and I definitely have a love-hate relationship with that plane (mostly love). For me, the exits are way more difficult compared with an Otter. My favorite solo exit is to stand outside on the step, hold the wing spar, smile at the pilot and do a few back flips. Alternately, if I’m jumping with friends we just grasp hands, check for traffic and the spot, and then just fall out however we can, going into a head down formation to start the dive. (NOTE: at 50 jumps I would not recommend this exit for you yet!) Although aspects of jumping a Porter are a pain-in-the-ass, the intimate nature of Porter jumps makes them very worthwhile. Don’t be bummed about “not exiting stable” every time – just be safe and enjoy the ride! Cheers, Dean