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  1. Hello everyone. I now have 38 jumps under my belt and I am looking at buying a Digital Altimeter. Any suggestions as to what make and model I should go for and why? I love this sport. All the help would be much appreciated.
  2. I will certainly go check this place out... Make it a few day trip. Thank you.
  3. I was off radio after my first jump. All my landings but one were on my feet. I have had 11 jumps. Doing 6 more this weekend.
  4. I forgot to ask. Right now I am not using a suit to jump anymore... Anyone have any suggestions as to what type of suit I should buy? I am 6'1" and 190- 200 pounds. Depending on my training...
  5. I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and say I love this sport. I have 11 jumps under my belt and am looking forward to getting my class A, B and C in the future... Also if anyone is ever in the Calgary area and wants to go jump I am game... I am living and loving life... I have plans to jump as many places in the world as I can :) Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I am wondering when I should get a flight suit and what type. Any places you wold recommend for me to go jump in the world also... Thanks and I look forward to chatting.