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  1. Praetorian

    West Plains Skydiving

    I just moved back to Eastern Washington and am very happy that my "local" (read closest) dropzone is such a great place. my (beer) jump there was a 2 way with Rex the DZO. I checked the dropzone out by stopping by during a previous weekend trip and came back last weekend, on a sunday afternoon I caught the last 3 loads of the day. Great atmosphere friendly people, great facilities. For a part of the country where you would expect a small Cessna 182 dropzone connected to a regional air strip, it was trilling to find a private airstrip with a turbine (caravan) high quality military trained pilot, and a welcoming atmosphere. It isn't one of the mega dropzones, it isn't a tiny 182 club but it has some of the best aspects of both, I'll be a regular and I recommend it as a great place jump.
  2. Praetorian

    Lotus/Samurai and availability/viability

    Lotus is compairable to a SaberII not a stiletto, Brian would be very upset if a 125jump newer jumper got his hands on a Sam, (thats a guess) because he recomends a MINIMUM of 300 jumps to fly twitchier mains. PM brian on here (see manufactuer contacts at top of list) I find that once you have the air out of it a Lotus packs up almost the same size as a saberII ... maybe I'm just getting better at packing. after 80+ jumps (I know thats not alot) on my lotus I still love it
  3. Praetorian

    Swooping on the Today show

    yea my mom saw it ... and I spent 20 min explaining why I have the experience to fly but NOT to try that ... she has seen my usual TAME simple pattern input, yet she was scared that I was doing that..... she finally calmed down when I told her that as I understood it swooping at my skill level would be SUICIDE, and as I'm not suicidal I do not do it
  4. Praetorian

    Canopy Performance

    according to pd speed is effected very little by shape given about equal loading and equal trim same number of cells ect, shape will make faster turns Degrees per second and more alt loss in feet decended per second ... so I'm told I've yet to jump anything but the almost square ... Tapered ... etc
  5. I think your right people do take their rigger for granted, I really don't care how it looks as long as it opens when I need in and not before
  6. Praetorian

    first rig WL

    I picked ~1.1:1 but keep in mind I had MUCH more extensive training that 7 aff jumps. and had been jumping with coaching progressively form ~.8:1 to ~1:1 to ~1.1:1 while on student status
  7. Praetorian


    I've seen this a lot, I asked a very experienced jumper about AADs, got good advice then asked if he had one... the answer.(paraphrase) "It's only real purpose on a senior skydiver is if I get knocked cold/incapacitaied, my reserve is so loaded that I probabily would not survive a landing under those conditions anyway" REALLY MADE ME WONDER
  8. Praetorian

    What would happen

    by the time you decide you've messed up and move to open you Reserve you have already hit.. or if you have a LONG arching chute your reserve MIGHT me at line stretch... besides its against human nature your gonna try like hell to pull yourself out of the corner
  9. Praetorian


    After 40+jumps on my Louts MAX 170 I'm finally gonna give it a review, as most of my experience is other then the Lotus is on a Saber2 that will be the compairson, first a note I was going to give it a positive review, then I got my breaks adjusted and now I've got to give it a great review, even with my low wingloading I can get a short surf with a normal approach. The opening is about the same as a saber2 (never had a bad opening on either) though the Lotus has a more staged step by step feeling to its opening that I perfer, being less eliptical it also has slighly less desire to turn during opeing. toggle turns are sharp with almost no oversteer, rear riser turns are easy, light pressure and also have almost on oversteer. front risers have a bit more oversteer and at my wing loading build up pretty high pressure pretty quick, it takes a bit more to stall then a sabre2 and while the stall is later it is also a bit sharper, in full glide next to a friend under a saber2 the lotus has slightly more glide in full flight and half brakes (almost identical wingloading both 170sqft mains) the toggle turns on a saber2 are faster but not by much. All in all I think the Lotus is a better novice/intermediate main, I'll keep mine and recomend it to others, if your considering a safire2, saber2, or Pilot, make sure you give the Lotus a look too