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  1. Her name is "Muncie". Also can be spelled "Munsey". But that's her name. Don't matter no how whether or not you accept it. That's her name.
  2. vamp

    Cat food HELP

    My monster eats Premium Edge. It's the least crappy of the crappy foods out there...before you get into the $60 for a bag of cat food nonsense. He seems quite happy and his coat looks a lot better since I switched him to it a year ago from chef's blend or some other such crud.
  3. So my daughter is turning 12 in March, and for her birthday we always go on a trip or adventure. She wants to play in a wind tunnel (first flight). I've played down at AAC, and loved it. Our other options are NH or Orlando. Considering that our trip will be the beginning of March (too cold for an outdoor windstream?), and only from Friday to Sunday (so flying on Sat, most likely, and looking for nearby cheap thrills Fri night and Sun morning), which facility do you recommend for her first flight experience? She's never been to NC, FL, or NH, so any state will be an adventure for her. thx.
  4. I'm Beth, and I have 45 minutes in the AAC tunnel. It has been months and months and months since I have flown. That must change.
  5. Absolutely frickin' insane. Can't play tag. Dayum. Just lock them up in padded crates. With blinders and earplugs. Then all will be well. Pphhhhbbbt. Stupid stupid stupid. Great. Now I'm ticked off. Thanks.
  6. WAIT! Are you saying the Flying Spaghetti Monster partakes of the celebratory nature of International Talk Like a Pirate day as well? Well shiver me timbers!!!
  7. For you, okay. But that's it. No more exceptions.
  8. And remember, folks, that's TALK like a pirate day. Don't be showing up to work and play in your puffy shirts, cause that would just be odd.
  9. Info regarding barbs and whatnot. Huh. Who would've thought?
  10. vamp

    I need a name

    Doofus. Perfect name. Trust me.
  11. And sings a damned good "Afternoon Delight"!
  12. vamp

    aac boogie's been 47 seconds. Done yet?
  13. vamp

    aac boogie

    ...and the pictures are where??? Hey Steven: glad you had fun...told ya!!!
  14. 911 Tape available here:
  15. That's EXACTLY what I thought! Holy mackerel!