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  1. i have decided that this season i am going to make all of you my bithces, scotty bob; you too. enjoy, Luka --------------------------------- canyon bar
  2. ahhh mr. lurch if only you didn't reply it would have all been ok. let me clarify my post and accept my appologies for the not so easily detectable sarcasm. it takes a keen eye to spot these things. i forgot what i wanted to say, go to go; xena warrrior princess in on tv. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  3. hello mr. lurch, your flights are very impressive here on it's like i am reading one of thoese inflight magazines with authority on everything. ok stay cool and enjoy your day. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  4. is no one thinking that with all this XRW with ''relatively'' normal size swoop canopies going on that the suits are very slow? --------------------------------- canyon bar
  5. very nice, especially soaring in a stack with a paraglider and speed glider. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  6. jump with relatively short start. please be aware that you can not directly transfer these exit numbers(rock drop vs distance needed to fly out) to a high altitude exit. also head wind is VERY helpful for WS start, turbulent conditions or back wind can can make your start considerably longer. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  7. it is the master himself. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  8. no way, i would give you all the suits in the universe so you can talk about laminar airflow and all that shit, and how the color of the material makes a difference just like some older fighter aircraft that were just polished aluminum and not painted to add perfomance characteristics. wait, wait, we could also add rivets beacuse rivets in the right places can add lift. enjoy. luka --------------------------------- canyon bar
  9. video has no oppening shot. exit from the aircraft and landing are on two different continents. as the landing that was filmed was at UAQ drop zone in the United Arab Emirates and the exit looks more like europe from PINK skyvan or similar. just a little FYI. enjoy, luka --------------------------------- canyon bar
  10. hello nico, congratulations on all you flights, i was there. how about all the other people that were there in the v2's how did they fly? anyway why are you pushing this suit so much on the internet, like if you were employed by the manufacturer. in my opininon we can no longer measure good suits and jumpers at ITW. everyone flies to the road at a good alt, this has become a site specific phenomenon. ITW no longer distinguishes good ws jumpers from very good ws jumpers in term of distance. ITW is condusive to good flights because of the usualy very good conditions. and i always have problems with comments about how quick a suit starts flying and the range of it and this shit about lift. these comments can not be quantified by just observations and solo jumps. a lot more jumps must be made with lot of different pilots, solos and ''base performance flocks''. flapping, well what can be said about flapping? dont do it, it's not nice! well the only plus that i saw with this suit is that it can easily be swithced from rig to rig quickly, good job. i hope you dont take offence to my commnets but if you do, well enjoy. enjoy, luka p.s. base jumping sucks the big balls now because everyone is doing it, it is practically like walking. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  11. this back and forth shit is what makes forums useless a lot of the time because none of us back up what we are saying, there is always someone who knows more etc. my comments about flapping were directly tied to robert and james filming each other in flight at close range and for a long time in the base environmet. ok i am done, guess you will win because i will not reply to this anymore. enjoy, luka --------------------------------- canyon bar
  12. kris, with correct body position(arms, legs, torso) there is no chance of any wing flaping. the flaping that occurs manifests itself from the leg sleeves where there is excess material aroung the calf muscle. this was filmed from ground and inflight cameras. i think this has to be made slightly larger so you can jump the suit in summer and winter where more clothing/bigger boots are required. luka --------------------------------- canyon bar
  13. "Just take a look at 'Fly the line'. The V2 itself can be improved a lot by making the armwing inflation more consistent." it is comments like these that make no sense. what the hell are you talking about? please enlighten me. enjoy, luka --------------------------------- canyon bar
  14. It may sound unorthodox, but I think unless you analyze WS BASE data by transforming it with the formulae at the above link into real L/D (Oyvind of VKB is doing this, kudos!), the best training for improving L/D is long sustained "frozen" flights near clouds so as to minimize fooling yourself with dynamic effects and see real L/D. ---------------- yes you got it. but i think that flying in the clouds helps your reference even more, but only if they are the fluffy kind and not the wet bad ones. enjoy. --------------------------------- canyon bar
  15. 2 nice exit shots photo credits: 1. giamma 2. jasna --------------------------------- canyon bar