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  1. My concern was specifically the state of the nylon in the actual parachutes; the container I was sure could be cleaned (as they say clothes can be cleaned). The stuff that got me really concerned was that all the sites say that heat is typically used to inactivate the residues, and solvents/solutions in places where heat couldn't be used (and all of those options sounded like bad ideas for nylon) I had a post at Basejumper and I got everything from toss it out to 'air it out', I'm just hoping for a regulation based rule to see if I can force replacement of the rig due to unrepairable damage if its going to kill me the next time I go jump it. BASE #958
  2. My rig was being borrowed by this lady's neighbor, my friend. When the police went in for the dude, they surrounded the target house with teargas, then gassed the target house (as to eliminate any clear escape route). BASE #958
  3. Does anybody know how to remove teargas residue from a rig (container, main and reserve)? It was exposed to HIGH levels of teargas (70 canisters). Can this even be done? BASE #958
  4. Pack?! Mount some engines to that badboy and fly up there! I figure with the extra payload abilities claimed in the article, 6 of those nifty 55lbs thrust jet engines should do the trick for vertical takeoff BASE #958
  5.,2933,352477,00.html# Looks like the military has done a bit of work on the concept, and I'm glad to see that they haven't completely killed the idea of allowing consumer enjoyment! BASE #958
  6. What mods have you tried on your SFly Expert? I have two of these suits, one new stock, and one old and 'improved' I have found that really like having my wings unbalanced toward more tailwing, and am considering extending the tail on one or both of my Experts. But before I do that, I am curious to see what mods other people have done to these suits. BASE #958
  7. Wouldnt this also be counter-productive? Unless you mean it the other way around. What you are saying here would decrease the lift..not increase... You need air passing slower over the top of the wing then it does underneath, creating a low pressure 'sucking' the wing up. Increasing drag on the bottom and having a smoother surface on top to speed the air up seems to do the excact opposite... See, you knew what this stoner meant . I was just thinking that currently all the suits are made to be slick all the way around for increased speed, and thus control and lift. I wonder if we could get performance increases by inducing drag where it may help us, instead of keeping away from it like the plague BASE #958
  8. Yuri, its not NEARLY as cool as gaffers tape (but sadly, not much is). Shark skin is kindof like that new (1999 new) 3m mouse pads that are a huge grid of microscopic pyramids, except the sharkskin's microscopic texture tips are pointed all one way to give directional bias. BASE #958
  9. This actually gave me a thought: Would it make sense that if the top/back surface of the wingsuit was as slick as posible, but the bottom surface had more of a directed pattern--like sharkskin--wouldn't the resulting difference in airspeed (between the air going over the back skin and the bellyskin) give us better lift? shit, if you did the top/back with the front 1/3 zp and rest f111 you'd even get the whole "suck the air over the top" thing going on... am I just rambling, or does this make sense to anybody else? BASE #958
  10. I'm hoping to find an old friend. If anybody has recent contact info for him, I'd appreciate a PM. Thanks, -Seth BASE #958
  11. So who do we superheros talk to about the delayed packages? seriously, thats a damn nice helmet, do you have any problems with the windshield () fogging up? BASE #958
  12. if you take offense to that, I'm sorry, thats your own deal. I don't consider you 'the person' who taught me to base, if I had to name one person who I felt taught me the most it would be Scotty or Powell. No offense intended, because I learned alot from you, but thats how I feel. I have the experience now to tell the difference between the good and bad parts of how I got into base. Like I mentioned to you this morning when you said you felt I was acting like a 'base governing body', I dont' want to be an authority and I don't proclaim to be an authority, but I disagree with being as carefree and open with information as some people choose to be in this sport. Its not wrong of me to withhold information when I feel its the wiser choise, I'm not imposing my views on anybody, they can always go elsewhere. Its not wrong to have differing oppinions, its wrong to impose them on other people. BASE #958
  13. here are few things that come to mind that could have an impact on your possible delay: 1. Pilotchute choice 2. your exit speed (poised or running) 3. how clean the object is (underhung, bulges or outcroppings) 4. slider (which you should NOT have on for anything this low) 5. impact site: water, trees, landable ground a. do you need to open high to be able to fly out to a landing area? b. if water, do you have a boat to get you, or can you easily swim to shore (if so you can take a longer delay) 7. aerials (sounds like you don't have much experience, so I would personally advise against this one) 8. multiway (again, my personal suggestion would be to wait a while before you get into these, but not everybody does) BASE #958
  14. are there pictures of the Trigger on the Pressurized site? I couldn't find anything other than the tracking suit BASE #958