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  1. here they are... I am using W10, Dashware version 1.9.1 GPS device is FlySight. Boris WWHorizontal Speed.dashware WWVertical Speed.dashware WWW Speed.dashware
  2. Look at the Gauge toolbox, at the end of the list I see WWW Speed (see attachment). That is Total speed. Works for me...
  3. It is easy, just click on Wingsuits on the top menue.
  4. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, there was competition at the beginning of May. Results were posted on FB. ANIMAL HOUSE GPS RACE ECCO IL PODIO WINGSUIT DISTANCE 1) SILVESTRI 3167 mt (Vampire4) 2) BOOLE 2922 mt (Xbird) 2) 3) FONTANESI 2167mt (Vampire3) ...and I found some post on italian forum -
  5. I heard form some medical people that this kind of activity (skydiving or diving) should be avoided for children until development of the hearing and vestibular sense is finished. Is here somebody that can bring more light here?
  6. I noticed improvements while playing AVCHD with latest update of Sony Picture Motion Browser version 4.2.10 It is also stated in release note for it:
  7. my father told me that he remember once when he was counting the bombers, number 360 plane in perfect shape formation. as we can see all depends on motivation
  8. Here is the link with some explanation about pins in connector for Nikon D200.
  9. Here is one photo from last weekend. It is me in my brand new Phantom 2.
  10. Almost achieving “laminar airflow over wingsuit” reminds me of a joke when some guy was bragging that he “makes love almost every day!” He said: “I made love almost on Monday, almost on Tuesday, almost on Wednesday,…” Airfoils that are closest to achieving laminar airflow are used on the wings of open class gliders (costing number of hundreds of thousands $ or EUR). Compare them with the airfoil on the wingsuit. I think that it requires very extensive imagination to see any similarity between the wing and airfoil on the wingsuit and the wing and airfoils on open class glider. Laminar flow on non rigid wing is illusion. Boris
  11. Landing speed was just indication in comparison to speed we have with wing suit. I would say that Mustang wing was quasi-laminar wing, maybe first real attempt to have laminar flow. In short - very different animal than our wing suit wings. Boris
  12. Mustang wing was designed for much higher speed (landing speed of Mustang is about 100 knots as I recall). Therefore, you can not compare it...
  13. No, I don't have data for lift and drag as functions of angle of attack but I have data for pracitcal usefulness as a function of narrow angle of view.
  14. Of course Phoenix-fly and Atair have it for wing suits and for canopies. Any serious development will try to collect as many data as possible. Boris