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  1. In the mid 60's my first several free falls were the "Buddy" system as well as my brother. ( 13 & 14 year olds). There were also some smaller ladies that went on freefall the same way. Usually a 10, 20, 30 second delay then turned loose on our own. GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  2. They did a great service to our country however they were not in the military. They were civilian contractors. My vote would be no.
  3. Skydive Miami in Homestead GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  4. If I remember correctly they pack up just like a PC or Pap. They were somewhat squirrely compared to the PC & Pap.Quote GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  5. There is hope for the next generation GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  6. 20 feet crepe paper, 10 inches wide, with 3 pieces of of coat hanger wire cut 10 inches long taped to the bottom. GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  7. NO, I don't think he is welcome in the White House anymore! GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  8. I was on jump run in the Otter over Sebastian waiting for runway lights , radio's and navigation to go down...:) GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  9. "One thing remains, regardless of what anyone says, we all swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. For me that oath is primary and everlasting. "__________________________________________________ To me this says it all. Thank you for the post and have a happy Veterans Day! GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  10. If I remember correct, 10 meter radius was the size for early accuracy. GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  11. It was the approval of the Declaration of Independence not the signing. The last signature was a considerable time later. Splitting hairs in IMHO GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  12. This is Treason! Disclosing such important government secrets involving national security. GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  13. "Never saw anyone with a PC main and hand deploy reserve" ------------------------------------------------------------ I did! From 1965 to 1979 I had 15 hand depolyments on PC's & PAP's. Both with and without pilot chutes on the chest mounts without any problems. A cutaway was only considered if the malfunction was not survivable as in a streamer or bag lock. GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843
  14. Yes, there was a club there in the 60's. Just south of Columbus. GW685,D3888,C5052,SCS843