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  1. We take 16 year olds all the time. Come on down.
  2. I have a VHS tape of the first Freak Brothers convention. It has a very young Roger Nelson testing his "acting" skills setting the convention up-talking to the mayor, getting approval, road trip to the site, setting the site up, and lot's of good "old" jumping. VINTAGE
  3. One G3 with a Cobalt H-mod 95, one NJ with a Cobalt competition 95.....don't leave home without them!
  4. What's up Dave? How is business at Todd's place? I certainly won't argue any ones points about tandem over AFF, but being the aggressive soul that I am, will always recommend AFF for anyone who thinks they want to get into it. I love doing tandems: certainly no pressure for the student, I get to have fun, and it is easy money for me, just don't feel there is any substitute for feeling your own body in freefall. Have a good one.
  5. You can also purchase a lead belly-weights. Yes...I, too, preach to my students, "learn to fly your body", but there are times when weights are needed. As you gain more experience, you will relax more in freefall, allowing for more arch. If someone at the DZ has weights, give them a try.
  6. Neuman makes some really nice winter receiver gloves, too. Not too thick, but very warm.
  7. How about the analogy, "If you want to learn to drive, don't sit in the backseat of a the taxi." If you have ANY thoughts of getting into the sport, don't waste your money on tandems. You will have two qualified instructors with grips on you, from the time you leave the plane to the time you, or your instructor, deploy your canopy. People can argue both methods of learning, it depends on how much money you have.
  8. Austin Skydiving Center (Lexington, TX.) has a Turbine 207 for the winter. This is an awesome, fast airplane. Come see us!!!
  9. Austin Skydiving Center (Lexington, TX.) has a Turbine 207 for the winter. This is an awesome, fast plane!!! 13,000 in less than 18 minutes!! Floater rails and full door length step. Come see us!!
  10. UH-1H Chinook Blackhawk DC3 Heliostallion King Air Beech 18 Caravan Otter Queen Air Twin Bonanza C182 C206 C402 Casa Skyvan LETT AN2 727 Balloon TV Tower
  11. I attached a rubber band to it, when I owned a Jonathon, and secured the steering lines in the rubber band. It is to prevent line overs and, provide slower openings.
  12. bhale

    Fast Lane

    WOW!!! This is going to be GOOOOOOD! Nothing like lot's of skin before 9:00 P.M. Should be a requirement that they have at least one hot, barely dressed, chic per show. Love it.
  13. Where did you make your first jump? I teach at Texas Skydiving Center, in Lexington.
  14. bhale

    New Greenie!

    Oh my god, the CRW forums will never be the same! That's a case of "expensive" beer for you, Wendy.
  15. Please don't make the ones you put the everclear soaked fruits in. Is the bonfire swoop competition still on?