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  1. You're fortunate to be jumping at CMS. Let Des and Maryanne know about your situation. They will probably work something out with you so you can finish your training this year. They like to get students through the program while the information in fresh. At the very least, they will advise you as to your best next move. larry
  2. silly question, but... do they sell bags of ice at the boogie?
  3. Where exactly should a bungee cord be placed on the leg straps to keep them from sliding? I'm looking for a measurment. I have a Javelin J-5, and I can cinch the straps to a little overlapping. Instead of tying them, I'll tack a little sleeve on both leg straps (on the binding tape) then use them to secure a tied bungee cord. thx
  4. The DOM on the canopy is 1999. It has 210 jumps on the lineset. The lines look old, but not frayed. An interesting thing I've noticed on opening, the left front side is always folded under a bit before fully inflating. I've jumped it 5 times, and this always happens. Another thing: it takes twice as long to inflate than the F-111 canopy I'm used to jumping (5-6 sec instead of 2-3). Someone suggested that a ZP canopy takes longer to inflate the heavier the person. I'm around 225. any truth to that? I'm not building any delays into the pack job. larry
  5. I'm interested in how much it's worth as opposed to how much it would sell for. When you say"..sell it for about $1000.00", what is your markup? You think it needs a new re-line as well? I thought Vectran lines were good for much longer than that. thx larry
  6. Riggers, and others who know: Can you give me a dollar amount value for a Safire 189 canopy with a collapsible slider, Vectran lines and around 500 jumps on the canopy and lines? The canopy has been jumped in Michigan. A friend is selling, and I want to give him a fair offer. Thanks. larry
  7. Why don't rig manufacturers make the closing flaps for their containers (reserve and main pin covers) see-through? You could see these important pins easily, especially in the plane, without having to "pop" them to inspect. Is it aesthetics, or is there a practical reason? larry
  8. The website is under a bit of re-construction at the moment. Why not just call them directly? The number is 989 773 8858. Ask for Maryanne. You've have chosen wisely in the Mt. Pleasant dropzone (Central Michigan Skydivers). They have a very helpful and friendly staff, as well as the experienced jumpers. I went through the student program there, and it's still my home DZ even thought I live 100 miles away. There is something nice about the atmosphere they've created there. Hope this helps. larry
  9. Can anyone direct me to some skydive pics? I'm looking for some freefly, bellyfly, etc. pics as well as some pics of malfunctions, line twist, line over, bag lock, etc. I need them for a presentation. Thanks. larry
  10. Because there are so many rigs "out there" that people are trying to sell, I find those who are willing to send it to my dropzone for inspection before any money is exchanged. The seller pays to ship it here, and if I decide to return it, I pay the shipping to send it back. It's all about trust. Sending the rig to a dropzone helps take the "mistrust" (well, some of it) out of sending their rig. I give them the name and phone number of the DZO so the seller can make a decision about sending it. The DZO agrees to keep the rig in their possession while the buyer looks it over, jumps it, etc. Hopefully the risk of sending gear is mitigated by the DZO's desire to maintain their good name and the integrity of their dropzone within the skydiving community. I have found this to be the best (and cheapest) way to have your own rigger inspect the rig while giving the seller a feeling of security that their equipment is being treated carefully and with respect. I've had four rigs sent (from different states) to two different dropzone and three of them have been purchased.
  11. Thanks for your answers. I appreciate your thoughtful responses. larry
  12. Someone told me that you can't load an F-111 canopy more that 1:1 because the flare would be mushy or the canopy may collapse. Is this true? Canopy would be PD 170, exit weight is 225. PD 170 has 200-300 jumps on it. This isn't for me by the way (no really :), but a friend who is transitioning from a 245 to a 139 safire2. He has made a few transition jumps on 200, 170 and 150's. He has 215 jumps total. He's a conservative flyer and, of course, he thinks he can handle it. Don't want to start another "rapid downsizing" discussion... I'm more interested in the F-111 aspect of high windloading. Thanks
  13. Are there any USPA or FAA regulations that prohibit dropzones in northern climates (Michigan) from doing tandems or students progression jumps during the winter months? Just curious... larry
  14. Thanks for all the good input. I appreciate your help. larry
  15. large. I've always double-stowed, and I've never had a problem (only 145 jumps though)