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  1. jrpraeter

    Want a Totally Different Experience?!

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    Skydive Cincinnati is a busy Cessna DZ looking for seasonal TI staff. Private DZ located on multi-generational privately owned family airport. We operate a Turbo Cargo Door 206 as our primary aircraft and 182 as additional support. Capabilities for primitive camping and electric hook up for limited RVs. Plenty of beautiful campgrounds will full RV hookups within 15 mins of DZ. Absolutely beautiful location near hiking, bike trails, canoeing, kayaking, etc... plenty to do on days off!


    Waynesville - US

  2. jrpraeter

    Skydive Cincinnati

    Welcome to Skydive Cincinnati, formerly Skydive Warren County. We are the Tri-State's oldest United States Parachute Association dropzone. Our family owned and operated dropzone has been providing first-class skydiving in Ohio since 1969. Your safety is always our number one priority. Our highly experienced tandem skydiving instructors will ensure your skydiving experience is truly unforgettable!