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  1. I have a wonderful goofy sweet Boxer mix that we got at a pound as a puppy. I also have Jack Russell Terrier. Inside, they usually chill cuz they know not to be too hyper, but will play fetch for as long as you are willing to tire them out. As a note about Pitbulls, my sweet Boxer, who at home lets the Jack Russell be alpha, was being a silly pup playing with a golden at the Dog Park, when a pit came tearing out of no where from the far end and attacked unto my Boxer's neck. For no reason. Unprovoked. I've got family that swear about the sweetness of Pits, But that episode firmly changed my opinion for sure. :-(
  2. Tandem is a good way to introduce someone to skydiving, and a safe was to re-enter the sport after a long time away from it. IN my humble opinion. :-P
  3. It's been quite a while since I've jumped. I really Jones for it sometimes, but no longer have any equipment, and in all honesty, it's expensive! So I'm curious. What is more affordable: a Drop Zone or a Skydiving Club? Also: I know of Michigan DZs, but are there any Skydiving Clubs in Michigan? I'd like to go again this next year and introduce my daughter to the sport, with (at least initially) tandems for us both. Thanks to all who will give me their input. I'll check back later on. :-)
  4. Have you ever considered dating women who may have had kids already, but that are older, or have grown up and are on their own?
  5. oh dude. Do NOT do PayPal gift. They track sales and have lots of safety and security guidelines but NOT for gift. That's suppose to be strictly for like cash wires to friends and family. Sound fishy to me. I just sold a rig thru the classifieds here, and went thru PayPal as a seller, and she as a buyer. Legit. Be careful.
  6. Yep. Stuff happens. Just need to find your balance and get your muscles stronger to be able to do all that ya need to do. When I thinking of getting my own bike, a friend lent me his 250 enduro dirt bike to practice with. What great fun! But it had a difficult kick start that gave me an ugly assortment of bruises when it wouldn't start and the kick start came back and hit me! Ouch. Or in the middle of No-Where stall, and unable to kick start it... I'd either have to get a push start from somebody if anyone was around... or walk the thing to a hill somewhere so i could get roll downhill to get the engine to turn over. Ahhh. What memories. Keep after it though. You'll get the hang of it.
  7. "Decent" shape? Well, I dunno..l. BUt it is "serviceable" because it is old. But all things considered, if the price is right, usually somebody'll buy it, it right??
  8. Help! Can somebody help me out? I don't know if this is the right place or not to post this, but hopefully somebody'll set me straight either way... I bought old gear for my first gear, but I really didn't know what I was doing. And well, now I want/need to sell it, and not really sure how or where to do that. It's Vector II with a PD F-111 210 9-cell main and a Swift Plus 175 Reserve. I took it to Skydive Chicago to get any repairs and to get it completely check out. It's overdue for a reserve repack.
  9. Using the ER for something that an office visit could do for you IS REALLY EXPENSIVE. ou really should find a local General Practioner near you, that has a flexible schedule for office hours for whenever you need a Doctor. Schedule a general appointment and get a file set up with him or her. My Dr's practice has several doctors and vary between three of them when I need to get in for whatever.
  10. well... duh... chicks like to hang out here for the guys. If they (we) just hung out in the Womens Forum only, well, then you guys would need to come over there to talk to us, No wait. Guys DO do that alaready! See, we're just learning from you guys how to do it.
  11. Well, duh, if a woman can "squeeze out" a baby... But then again, just because something is possible, does not necessarily mean that that something would be a good thing to do.
  12. Are you carrying a pack? And are you "done"? or are you gonna Hike/camp on to another point? Super-light or packed with nice extras and goodies??
  13. hmmm. So are you saying that it was a break up out of "convenience" or kindness then?? Are you living back in the same area now? Are you friendly and both free to check things out again? If so, why not. But dont take anything for granted, and let things develop naturally and as they will.
  14. "...who have that 'baggage' " or would it actually be a 'history' together...?? That isn't necessaryily a bad thing. But then again there is a lot (positive) to be said for a fresh (different, new) start with someone when there aren't any preconcieved ideas about one another...