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  1. Tim, Thanks and Congrats! See ya tonight. Blue Skies, Tony T
  2. TonyT

    2 time loser

    Jake, No apologies necessary, its their loss. In the last year and a half I have known you to be professional, courteous, skilled, hard working and safe. Blue Skies, Tony T
  3. Sorry Dude, I am a no. I was really looking forward to some skydiving and nig noggery but now I can't make it. Blue Skies, Tony T
  4. Without Katie it'll be SkymonkeyNone. You are the Monkey, I am the Flunky. Give us your Beer! Blue Skies, Tony T
  5. Kate and I may be there for a few days. Maybe we can talk DaGimp into running the show at RPC while we have a little fun!! Blue Skies, Tony T
  6. Man that would be cool, a Tunnel in Raeford! I feel there will be a maket for your tunnel. I'm excited, It appears it may be walking distance from my house and walking distance from work. Blue Skies, Tony T
  7. Here's my post. I'm In. Blue Skies, Tony T