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  1. For the CP Champs & cup when in SA we used a local system (I think called Speedtimingsystems). Was super easy to use and very accurate. Now I see the same system was used in Dubai mondeal and Russia. The guy that does them is moonjumpster. Do search on and ask him price etc.
  2. Tonto was always, and will never stop being, a great teacher & mentor to anyone that's willing to learn and grow. My thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and all who crossed his path.
  3. Psycho-packing helps you keep slippery canopies under control. F111 canopies pretty much pack themselves. Psycho-packing lets you hold small canopies in your hand like a football and bag them one-handed. Accuracy canopies are too big for that. No reason to do that. Thanx bud. One down. Saves me a bit of
  4. Awesome dude, thanx. I am borrowing a canopy at the moment, but as soon as i find a decent second-hand accuracy canopy to buy i will try both ways (and probably even psych-pack) and compare. As long as there is no real dangerous reason not to use a certain pack-way i'll try it. Thanx again to all for your imput. N
  5. What is the manufacturer's recommendation about packing? From manufacturer: "The flat packing method is the recommended way to pack a Parafoil.The Pro pack has been used sucessfully but is not usually done as the length of the canopy makes it a bit harder to keep under control. I have tried both ways and the flat pack just seems to be easier to me. If you have a different way that works for you I would certainly be interested to give it a try."
  6. Thanx bud. It looks as if there is no hard rule aginst it, so i'll try both ways and let you all know.
  7. Is there any reason not to pro-pack an accuracy canopy? Is flat packing still used for accuracy canopies because of tradition or is there a reason? I am just curious. I am really keen on trying it out unless someone has a good reason not to.
  8. You didn't say the magic word!?
  9. I am looking for a seconf hand accuracy canopy: must be bone of the below: 1) Da Vinci 2) Foil 3) Eiff Classic If anyone has one in good condition and is not using it, please contact me. Regards Nicolaos
  10. Update for all of you who gave me hekpfull advice: I eventually (one year after my purchase) got Fiat to give me a brand-new car without having to pay anything in. I took the brand-new car and traded it in for a New Renault Megan. It's an awesome car and renault's service is outstanding. Thank you to all for your replies and help. Nicolaos
  11. Lo the Chanti. You are not the only skydiver from your DZ that has concerns about this DGIT (i like this acronym - thanx Andy) I myself will remove myself from any load that this DGIT is on. I just hope that we will not have to wait for a fatality before he learns or is banned from our DZ!
  12. Hey sweetie, when have i ever not believed you? I would rather drive around in a Fiat than call you a lier!!
  13. [Haven't got one right now.... tash Ok, now u r just teasing!!
  14. bussy looking aroung and getting offers for my new junk as a trade-in! You working on Sat?
  15. That's different though. Then yours is not a Fiat. It's a high-class skydiver transporter that just happens to have a Fiat badge... and probably breaks down often!!
  16. Yes you should take the new car from them then sell it and buy a FORD You wouldn't by any chance drive a Ford? But, yeah i agree with you guys, and thanx. I will accept the offer and trade it in for anything but a Fiat.
  17. Worth finding out what VW will pay as a trade in on whatever Fiat are offering you. If it is a lot less than the full refund, you know what Fiat are trying to save by making you the new offer. tash ps - I want to go for a spin too when I'm back later in the year and Chanti will be a properly taken woman with audwiz watching over every move his wife makes ...and where will your man be while i whisk you away into the sunset with my new car?
  18. Do you know anyone who would by a Fiat ? Hm! Hey, does anyone on thei forum from SA want to buy a new Fiat for a good price? It is a beautiful car with a service plan and Fiat will give you excellent service? (whisper: thanx Nicholas, good idea)
  19. he-he..pretty awesome plan. Another one of my buddies suggested that i take the new car and then trade it in for another new car (obviously not a Fiat or Alfa).
  20. Lo there all SA's. I need your help today: I would like to know if anyone of you has ever dealt with the South African Motot Industry Ombudsman (MIO). If you have, i would like to know how lenient do you think he is. My problem is this: After having bought a Fiat one year ago and getting crap service and eventually Fiat actually returned my car more broken than before AND with a cigarette burn on my seat i requested a refund from Fiat. They made me two offers: a)they try and fix my car AGAIN (now the 7th try) or B) they take the car back and give me a new one but then i must pay in R25000 as my car is now 1 year old. I told them a) they can apparently cannot fix the car as they already tried 6 times already, b) i will not pay anything in as the problems with the car started in the 1st week after i bought the car and the delay was from their part, and c) i don't want a new car anyway as that would mean dealing with their service (or lack of) again. i just want a full refund. The case has now been handed over to the MIO and he will make a decision which will be final. This morning Fiat mailed another offer to me: they are willing to take the car back and give me a new one and i won't have to pay anything in. If i accept, the MIO will be contacted and told that the matter has been resolved. Now, do i a) Accept their offer but with that i will have to deal with Fiat again in future for my services, b) reject their offer and take a chance on what the MIO will decide (his decision is legal and final). It would help my decision to know how reasonable/lenient/etc the MIO is
  21. Sunny, as a Biologist and Teacher of Biology, I'm curoius can you tell me what you learned from disecting the rat that you could not have learned from a video? Every year we get kids who are either totally against or for cutting up animals. I dont do it with Rats or Frogs, I will however diesect, offal from a butcher and fish from a fish monger. ( the fish is filleted then eaten later) When i did my bit to chop up rats there was one student who was against chopping animals but had to do it as she needed the marks. Th hillarious thing was that out of all the students, it had to have been her rat that hadn't been gassed to death properly and came 'alive' as she started nailing it to the board. Needles to say, she fainted straight away. Never forget that Murphy is always lurking in the shadows!!
  22. First of all let me start by saying that i do not work or own shares in Airtec (the company that produces the Cypres2). That said i believe that too many people complain and not enough people that will give a compliment when it's due. Recently i had to send in my Cypres2 to Airtec in Germany to get the display unit fixed as i broke it (long story on how, but i managed). I just wanted to publicly thank the Airtec team for a quick and efficient service and specifically Sandra (the lady that i mailed) for her friendly, efficient, and professional service. It was a real pleasure dealing with them. When buying a product the after-sale service i of great importance to me and they outdid themselves. Thank you
  23. Of course. That's where i get my good looks from!!