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  1. It's not that i am limiting the criteria to a spicific sport: It's that even my own family can't be around me for more than a day or two at a time as the skydive talk gets to them. Now if i'm to find somebody for long-term the odds are that another skydiver will be able to cope with me easier than a whuffo. If i find a whuffo who's not inrested to skydive but has no problem going to the DZ with me all the time that's also gr8.
  2. This should be interesting!
  3. Thanx sweetie. Pity you're taken . U seem like fun. Will try the pimp thing. And maybe it's a good idea if i take it over to the bonfire.
  4. Everyone's a comedian!!!!! (lol) Under which forum are they posted? P.S. With ave 17 post listed per day i gather you do not work for a living. That would let me conclude that you have a rich daddy. So, you free sometime?
  5. Does anyone know if there's a site dedicated to single skydivers? I'm tired of going through all the nonsence of a couple of dates just to find out that the woman would never consider skydiving. I am passionate about skydiving and would someone to share my passion.
  6. You will also notice that the more you relax on your landings, the better they become and visa-versa. I only started relaxing after i attended one of Brian germain's canopy control courses. Since then i have loved avery landing and enjoy my landings as much as my freefall... sometimes more. Congrats, keep it up.
  7. I'm acrophobic (fear of heights/edge) and i like pushing myself. After first jump i fell in love with her and we've been together ever since. I respect her and she treats me well.
  8. I recently read some awesome answers to the "Why do you jump out of a perfectly safe airplane" question, but i am battling to find the mail again. Does anyone have a copy handy?
  9. I did my first 3 night jumps last weekend. They were 3 of the best jumps i have done to date. The peace and tranqility were awesome. Can't wait for the next night!!!
  10. Lo there Chanti. First of all: urs was an awesome 100th. Well done. Second: Tha AFFC has some good points such as Brian's canopy course and friendly staff, etc. But as a private profit making event it was not much of a success. There was no comunacation between organisers and customers. It was their first Boogie, so i will go again and give them my support... but next time there are no excuses.