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  1. I met Fiona in Menzelinsk this year at the WPC. I was attending the FAI judge training course and she had the stressful role of FAI Controller. I was so impressed by her quiet, unassuming, yet no-nonsense manner and the efficient way in which she handled each challenge. World skydiving is definitely poorer for having lost someone so dedicated to the sport. We'll miss you, Fiona. Fly free -Chanti-
  2. Hi all I'm new to freestyle but have fallen head over heels in love with this discipline already! I want to get a proper freestyle jumpsuit (spandex baby! ), but not sure where is the best place to order from? I had a look at Tony's and Bev's websites - on Tony's there are photos of freestyle suits but no order forms or any information on the suits. On Bev's website there is an order form but on the diagram the suit seems to be cut off at the knees (i.e. not full length) ?! I don't live in the States so I'm nervous to order a suit online and it is not what I'm expecting it to be. Having said that, my RW suit is a Tony Suit and I love it. Are there any other jumpsuit manufacturers that could make a freestyle suit? Did I misread the websites? Help please!
  3. Hi! You can go straight into static line or AFF if you wish - that's what I did and I loved it. Doing a tandem first also has its merits though - you can experience freefall and even fly the canopy a bit to get a feel of how it's done without having to worry about pulling yet. In the end it's up to you. If I had to go back and choose again, I would make the same choice and go straight to AFF. Good luck and enjoy! -Chanti-
  4. Thanks Krisanne, that's sweet, but I don't deserve any thanks - Taya and Tonto are the ones who started this amazing project and now AON are keeping the ball rolling. What an amazing company! They just phoned me now to ask for contact information - all at the office put money together to buy some Christmas presents for Silindi and her family. How cool is that!?!?!
  5. Hey all! Great news! Our local radio station granted "Silindile's Christmas Wish" - they organized an SA medical company to pay for her tuition fees, uniforms, text books and transport costs for her entire school career!
  6. I copied this PM here as it touched me so much when he sent to to me last year after I broke myself - he didn't know me then, and yet cared enough to lend some friendly advice: "Sorry to hear that. I had heard there were 2 incidents at Wonderboom on Saturday AM, but I had no idea it was you. It's a long road to getting better, and the worst thing is, you're not sick (you're broken) but people treat you like you're sick. You'll be very frustrated at times. Please, please be careful with your loved ones, esp your boyfriend. I was a complete assh0le when I bust myself and destroyed a good relationship, so be careful. Accept the pain, and work REALLY hard in Physio from right now. Don't accept that you won't be perfect. Don't! If you need insight or advice or just need to whine, go ahead, OK? Blue SKies, t " Thanks T - you were right. I am now married to that boyfriend (the honeymoon that Skytash crashed - thanks my friend!
  7. I did 2 level 3 and 3 level 9! I had stability issues. -Chanti-
  8. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Here it is "winter" and 26 degrees celcius during the day with clear blue skies. OK, who wants to emigrate yet?! -Chanti-
  9. Yep - I did my first jumps back on 15 July. It would have been sooner if we didn't have 2 weekends of 20 knot gusts All good. I'm glad I did it. Painful but worth it! Good luck with your op! -Chanti-
  10. No binocular vision, no depth perception -Chanti-
  11. Why? It's more rainy then! I prefer the winter time for jumping - clear, crisp, blue skies - less turbulence -Chanti-
  12. How long does a lineset last? Mine is spectra with about 250 jumps. When do I start thinking about getting a new lineset? Note: I recently had it retrimmed, and replaced two lines that were damaged, and I'm not having any trouble with the flight characteristics or openings of the canopy. Just curious so I know when to start saving up Thanks! -Chanti-
  13. Hey Liz! Yikes - glad to hear u r ok. So how does the reserve fly then? Some things I have learnt that help me not get line twists: 1. When folding the tail around to make your "cone", I don't roll the seams too much - put 2 twists in it and that's it. 2. Leaving enough line between your first stow and the risers also helps - the bag is further away from your back when coming "unstowed" and not bouncing around in your burble. 3. NB Body position! I go flat, stable and don't look at the canopy as it's inflating ("potato sack") Disclaimer: I don't know how scientific any of these are but when I first started packing for myself I used to get twisties often. These are tips from fellow skydivers that work for me. Btw - did you try to kick out of the line twists seeing as you had plenty altitude? Cya Chanti Edited to add: I just realised it was a new canopy. Did you have a rigger look at it? If it does it again - may be manufacturing issue? -Chanti-
  14. I had mine recently removed - June 1st. Background: broke femur July 15th 2006, started jumping again October 15th 2006 with rod and screws still in place. I only had it removed because i was told I had a higher risk of getting osteoporosis if I left it in. To be honest, it was a lot more painful than I expected. I thought I would be ok within 2 - 3 weeks but I'm still limping 6 weeks later. After the op I used crutches for about 2 - 3 days. I did my first skydive since the op this past weekend. Having said all this, I must admit I haven't been so diligent in going to gym as I was last year after the break. Working out and doing strengthening exercises made all the difference to me last year. It's the muscles that take time to heal - the bone is not the issue! -Chanti-
  15. I was 25. I often wish I had started younger, but then I probably wouldn't have been able to buy a house! -Chanti-