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  1. coming: alanab-saturday and saturday night ASteele Anvil ballsack brianfry713 CCQ Chaoskitty chopchop - Thursday - hopefully by noon Clownburner Cocheese Cornholio! Damion Deuce Elisha - Thursday late afternoon/evening Evelyn Feeblemind - Thursday afternoon early evening, might have passengers to pick up in Davis and need to let them get off work. FIREFLYR Frenchy fueler thursday night...i think Gian - friday evening Giakrembs - sometime between 1-3 am Friday Girlfalldown Thursday night JankyBob genoyamamoto - Friday afternoon gjhdiver Gravity Girl - Monday Morning Crazy JasonRose - Thursday evening jdobleman Jsaxton jtiflyer kelpdiver Leah livendive - Thursday evening mathias Mcneill79 - Thursday evening mfrese monkycndo - Thursday mid day to set up shade canopies. Returning Thursday night. Nightingale nuntiux - Friday afternoon and maybe I will stop by thursday night NWFlyer - Thursday night unless I can go standby earlier photofly plaything - Thursday - hopefully by noon Rosebud SeaKev -Thurs. afternoon Sebazz1 Shawndiver skybytch (and some swooper guy) skyesspot Skydivexxl with da beer! Smilie: thursday, when my ride gets me there, with brownies! tallguy - When he's damn good and ready! (Thursday) Thanatos340 - Friday Late Afternoon vdschoor - Thursday noon Breathing hard: Amazon CSpenceFLY lummy Mouth Almost sure: skydivenflorida Kaerock
  2. wow Seb, i'm glad you're ok!!! I had 5 close encounters with asphalt and dirt riding my bike and it's not fun ... I'll see you soon at the DZ
  3. gian

    Know what I want?

    Don't worry language of love is all you need ... isn't Italy the land of love anyway Is anyone else interested in the Sardina boogie this summer?
  4. gian

    Know what I want?

    What about an awesome Sardinian scenario: hot summer sun, christal water, white sandy beach and the chance to land on it every jump. Sounds like paradise...
  5. Ohhh that was Fernet not Averna Sorry Andy ... Let's have a good one this week end guys ... judging from the drinks I guess this is going to be one I won't remember Zak ... hope I can find a couch to crash on Saturday night. Anyway I'll be there saturday morning ... friday evening I have to cook the souce... BTW the Speed star is starting at 9.00 right? Ciao
  6. I'll bring grappa ... much better that amaro averna Andy and way strnger ...
  7. My mom has health problems too and I understand your situation .... big vibes to her and to you ...
  8. I'll be there for the jump for sure and I can cook too... I'm not as good and pop at the BBQ but I can do pasta if you like Gian
  9. definitely when I think about and ass yours is the first that comes in my mind Andy Please post a picture ... do it for all of us
  10. I really have no words to espress my sadness in this moment. In such a short time we shared so many experiences and great moments. And now there is just silence left... All my condolences to the family... Gian
  11. definitely you're the winner that is not "just a bum" .... Ciao
  12. My personal record is -28F (winter in Italy...) at the border a cloud. That thing was pieces of ice that were shooting my face climbing out!! I'm sorry I tried the lattex gloves but it doesn't work very much if you put it inside. It actually works twice as better is you could put it on the outside of your normal gloves but ... that's not too easy I agree.
  13. I perfectly agree with you: safety first in the sky. I'm a skydiver, airplane and hang glider pilot and i inderstand that safety and good judgment is the most important thing we have in the sky. I want everybody to understand that since putting together a new rig is going to take me at least 4-6 months I'm just starting gathering some info. WrongWay, thank you very much for your replay and your great advice. I appreciate your attitude and I definitely think you're going to be on top of my list for any question.
  14. What better than all of you guys' advice? What do you think about them. I like stiletto but I'm a little concerned about the openings. On the other side I never jumped a crossfire. For what I herd the crossfire should be pretty nice in the openings and powerful in the flare. Stiletto a little bit more inconsistent in the opening with a shorter recovery arch and a faster toggle response. I'm thinking about putting together a new freefly and light camera work rig. Need advice form the bests: all of you guys Thank you