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  1. 16 hours ago, yobnoc said:

    I mean, c'mon Ron...I'm certain you'd find a welcome reception if you just outright said "Hey guys, turns out I was hoodwinked by some bullshit that was conjured up to cater to my deep-seated fears that stem from latent racism which was likely ingrained in me from my youth due to the times I grew up in."  

    It. Was. All. Bullshit.  The whole time.  We all knew it, and now you know too.  As painful as it is to run into this metaphorical wall, it's time to admit that you got played.  

    I look for things to keep me occupied until the big event. Q keep occupied, excited, and fascinated for almost three years. I thank God that He gave me that blessing. Now I will look for something else.

    Along the same lines, when I got saved I asked the Lord to make it possible for me to earn my Gold Wings. He allowed me to earn Gold, Diamond and Double Diamond. Of my 3,078 jumps I paid for about 300. I thank God for that blessing as well.

    When you learn how to expand and elevate your consciousness life becomes more dynamic and blessings flow. IOW, things tend to happen for you instead of to you.

  2. 2 hours ago, SkyDekker said:

    So....America is not great again?

    In effect that is true. We lost our national pride. We lost the ability to communicate openly. Most important, we lost the power of our vote.

  3. I got in a little late on Biden's speech,1205, where he talked about unity and ending the uncivil war. It was positive.

    It is over, I will now retreat to the confines of my church group and community with the main objective of ministry to those in need. We still have folks who need food. My wife and I work in our church food bank. Veterans are still committing suicide at the rate of 20-22 per day. I am a crisis counselor in two veterans organizations.

    God is still on the throne. Jesus Christ is the answer. Judgment begins with His people.

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  4. 2 hours ago, sfzombie13 said:

    this should get reported as a threat.  glad you're not too scared to put those threats in writing.  you're not a patriot, you're a terrorist.  the folks calling themselves patriots are in fact terrorists.  you're not gonna go watch the inauguration, are you?  i'd stay away if i were you, you may get accidentally swept into a federal charge just trying to watch history being made...

    Thanks for the heads up. Free speech is a threat. Well, we know Big Tech thinks that is true. Oh, I've only gone to DC three times in my life. I do not, will not, attend rallies. I am paranoid in crowds of any size.

  5. On 1/17/2021 at 2:25 PM, Faicon9493 said:


    It's not the Republicans. It's the Patriots. The Republican Party was our main channel to vote. It is time, I think, for the Libertarian Party to become the organized party of the Patriots.

    I heard Brian Kilmeade quote a source this morning that said in a recent survey 54% of the people believe that America's number problem is the people. Think about that. Over have the people believe the other half is the problem.

    God help us. We are in for a very turbulent time.

  6. 23 hours ago, wolfriverjoe said:

    Ron - What are your thoughts

    My thoughts concerning attacks from liberal/communists posing as Democrats, don't pick up the rope. Just wait, Biden may be president, but we won't stop fighting for our country. We are patriots.

    Right now I'm feeling a lot like when Vietnam was over. We got sucked in by the Democrats and screwed over by the liberals fed by the MSM.

    However, for the record, I will respect your president as much as you respected mine.

  7. 10 hours ago, headoverheels said:

    You mean how GA became a blue state? President Biden and both Senators? 

    This is how the vote breaks down, according to Dominion algorithms. Two tenths of one percent to lead. The state is red. The congested areas noted.

    GA 2020.PNG

  8. 2 hours ago, billvon said:

    Ron was right.  This week really was history in the making.  This is going to go down in history right next to the War of 1812 and Watergate.

    Do you think that maybe, just maybe, SHTF is right around the corner?

    God's people will stick together.

  9. I spent most of yesterday viewing videos clearly showing that Antifa not only orchestrated the capitol break-in but may have been assisted by the capitol police. 

    Ashli Babbitt remains a mystery to me. As a military trained individual, she should have known better than to go with the mob during the breach.

    Also, an affidavit from a supposedly high level attorney in Italy states that evidence exists that servers in that country were used to receive and alter election data. Who knows what that means.

    Understand this, the body of Christ in America, that is tens of millions of people, are praying that the election fraud will be exposed. Further, the organizing perpetrators will be identified and prosecuted. And finally, that President Trump will rightfully retain his second term.

    If that does not happen, we will unite in prayer against the evil that will be the Biden administration.

    This is spiritual warfare!

  10. The U.S. Senate voted 93 - 6 to not support the objection regarding the AZ EC votes. The U.S. House of Representatives is still in debate and not expected to vote until 2330 - 0000. 

    One Senator did not vote. I assume it was David Perdue who is reported to be in Covid quarantine.

    Furthermore, it appears that there will be no further objections to EC votes.

    The debates in both houses of the U.S. Congress focused more on the violence today in the Capital rather than voter fraud even though much evidence was stated that the fraud did in fact happen.

  11. 2 hours ago, JoeWeber said:

    Yes, the belief is a common one amongst schizoprenics. But as a mental health professional you knew that, right?

    I never worked with a schizophrenic that did not know it. But, then again, they were in treatment, not denial.

  12. 25 minutes ago, JoeWeber said:

    Have you ever taken the MMPI?

    Several tines, I am not schizophrenic.

  13. 16 hours ago, ryoder said:

    The Atlantic: The Dark Reality of Betting Against QAnon

    Or, "How to make money off of human stupidity: Bet against it".


    This related article is also quite interesting.

    QAnon Is Winning

    "QAnon is not just on the internet anymore; it’s in the U.S. Capitol. It is not just a conspiracy theory anymore; it’s a voting bloc. And it is not going anywhere."

    I cannot thank you enough for making me aware of QAnon at the start of 2018. It has made politics an exciting adventure.

  14. IMO, the explanation is much simpler. We despise socialism/communism and liberal ideology, which includes political correctness. We want America to remain independent from the European model. Also, we want to stand strong against China and the Islamic radicals.

    So far, President Trump is the only one capable of accomplishing those ideal goals.