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  1. On 2/24/2021 at 12:19 PM, BIGUN said:

    No need for anyone to spend their time debunking that video. Rosh does a fine job of it here:


    As I was watching the Rosh video a great light bulb came on my brain. The liberal progressive democrats are smarter than we are. We, the Christian conservatives, cannot defeat them. We simply lack the intelligence.

    It goes all the way back to the Garden. Eve was created by God and had a direct personal relationship with Him. She was not stupid and she was creative. And yet, Satan intellectually convinced her to disobey God's law not to eat of the tree of good and evil.

    Lucifer and his minions are the intelligent force in this world. We are the spiritual force and we know what the final outcome will be.

  2. 15 hours ago, riggerrob said:

    Rush Limbaugh's demise reminds me of a road trip that I took with Manley Butler. Back in 1993, we drove together all the way from California to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The goal was to sell pilot emergency parachutes at the big Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In.

    Manley was an arch-conservative who subscribed to the "Limbaugh Letter", bought cassette tapes of Limbaugh's commentaries and knew when every radio station in the USA broadcast the "Rush LImbaugh Show." I knew almost nothing about Limbaugh at the start of the trip, but a week later had listened my lifetime quota of LImbaugh!


    P.S. We sold a record number of parachutes that year at Oshkosh.

    I was there that year with the Liberty Parachute Team.

  3. I started listening to Rush August, 1989. He was recommended to me by a former AF MAJ that flew F-4s in Vietnam. I have never seen him as a hate monger. What he was, was a strong conservative from a strong conservative patriotic family. He had a complete and total understanding of the liberal mindset and he played it well.



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  4. 21 minutes ago, brenthutch said:

    “We are experiencing record-breaking electric demand due to the extreme cold temperatures that have gripped Texas," said ERCOT President and CEO Bill Magness. "At the same time, we are dealing with higher-than-normal generation outages due to frozen wind turbines and limited natural gas supplies available to generating units.”

    Too many worthless windmills and not enough fossil fuel.  End result?  $9000 per megawatt hour.


    But but science says global warning is real. This is just a natural anomaly.

  5. 19 hours ago, billvon said:

    Good!  Perhaps that will encourage people to stop wasting it.  There will be more employment on US tight oil fields, more people hired to build fuel efficient cars, and more people replacing their gas guzzlers.  Jobs!

    "Waste not, want not."

    Tourist travel? 

  6. 15 hours ago, gowlerk said:

    Yes of course Ron. Because obviously that’s the way God wants it! Wait a minute, didn’t she create Adam and Eve and aren’t all of us brothers and sisters?

    True, and who is the one person we can all focus on for unity?

    Hint: Jesus is the answer.

  7. 20 hours ago, winsor said:

    I think being a 'racist' is a given.  It wasn't until, during a discussion about something unrelated, someone pointed out that I was "a racist honky motherfucker," that I came to that realization.

    How can I dispute that logic?

    True that.

    I wasn't a racist until the Canadians, Brits, and West Coast Liberals said I was.

  8. 16 hours ago, GeorgiaDon said:

    I wonder if Trump will have actual legal liability from the insurrection.  Will he be able to claim immunity as he was performing an "official act" as President?  I would like to see him charged and tried in court.  The impeachment and Senate trial is purely political of course, with no criminal penalties.  If I, as a private citizen, was to organize or participate in a crime and as a result people were killed, I would be charged with felony murder. It's not necessary to be the "trigger man" to be charged or convicted.

    I felt/feel the same about Hillary, but I digress.

  9. 11 hours ago, sfzombie13 said:

    i trust most criminals much more than almost any politicians, for example.  at least criminals are mainly just regular folks, while most politicians are scum.


  10. 15 hours ago, wolfriverjoe said:

    Besides, 30 years ago or so I  was a 'right wing nut' (Is it 'rightwing nut' or 'right wingnut'). Pro-gun, pro 'small government' anti-ATF, all that (the shit the ATF pulled in the 80s & 90s was REALLY  outrageous). 

    These idiots are giving "Right Wing Nuts" a bad name.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. 10 hours ago, NewGuy2005 said:

    So we should keep track of any body count and kill to run up the score?

    Seattle Washington

    Starbucks !!!???

  12. 31 minutes ago, olofscience said:

    And 5 people died. Are you entertained enough yet?

    You remember how the Romans persecuted early christians by feeding them to the lions in the arena for entertainment? 5 lives - this is how much your amusement cost.

    My fascination as a sociologist is that an obscure poster on an esoteric web site was able to organize the voters like no other movement in my lifetime. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, olofscience said:

    And 5 people died. Are you entertained enough yet?

    You remember how the Romans persecuted early christians by feeding them to the lions in the arena for entertainment? 5 lives - this is how much your amusement cost.

    Portland Oregon

  14. 12 hours ago, yobnoc said:

    So the issue I have with this response is that it seems like you're saying the Q(uackery) was like your version of professional wrestling; it was entertaining, so who cares if it's all fakery?  But you're failing to acknowledge and come to terms with it being actually fake.  I don't know a single person who thinks that WWE is real - they're content to say "Ok, well, it might be staged but hey those guys do get real banged up in the process." But they don't live their lives, alienate their communities, shoot up pizza parlors, or storm the Capitol based on the fantasies that entertain them. 

    You completely lost me (and I'm pretty sure the entire room) when you tried to link this to how you got a bunch of free jumps.  There's no connection there, but maybe that's just a side-effect of your credulity in making nonsense connections, similar to the Q crap. 

    As for your last line, you should know what a "deepity" is in your line of work.  It's basically baffling with bullshit, in case this is a new term for you.  Life is dynamic.  "Expand and elevate your consciousness" is a catchy buzzword way of saying you think you've got some secret the rest of us don't have, but you're going to be super duper vague to the point where you're saying nothing at all.  And whether things happen for you or to you is a simple mindset change in positive thinking.  No mystery to it, Ron.  You might have those "double diamond" wings, but your philosophy is "bar napkin" at best.

    Please, for your own safety do not try to live your life like mine. God has a unique plan just for you. The key to finding it lies with Jesus Christ as the gateway.

    God has allowed me to seek the danger of crises. For in danger there is opportunity.

    To quote Dr Hawkins again, A+B does not equal C. A,B, and C manifest congruently within a given paradigm.

  15. 3 minutes ago, JoeWeber said:

     I say screw them all as they did us and accept the reality that in 2 years we may not hold the senate or house and Kamala Harris may be president. We need to get while the getting is good. No quarter and no pretense of quarter, either.

    [Targets of opportunity]

    Republicans have a history of caving in to the Democrats, not the other way around. As evidenced on 6 Jan 2021. They know that in the end game they will come out ahead because they see benefit where the lefties only see conflict.

    {Leadership vs Managerial Control}

    It remains the two-headed snake.