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  1. The portable tunnel made its way to DeLand a few years ago. Crash was there, attached are a few photos from some video of his flight. It was a great day hanging around flying and watching friends jump. Crash's energy and determination to fly that tunnel was awesome to watch and fun to be around. We shared a great day trying to flying a beast of a tunnel together. Good times that will be missed. Fly free and fast! Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  2. It told me the video was not available in my country Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  3. The clips play in succession- the link is to the 1st clip not the actual clip with the tunnel in it. The 2nd or 3rd clip after the Herbal Essences commercial is the longest wind tunnel flight/record. Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  4. What A Great Episode! Congrats Plamer! Looked like mad fun! You can also order the Season Pass of Nitro Circus from iTunes, to support the guys and their efforts. Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  5. I agree with Jenn. It is a great tunnel to fly and explore. There is nothing like flying outdoors among the Smokey Mountains! For drills, you may want to plan out what training will be most beneficial in that type of environemnt. Adjusting to the lack of walls can take a few minutes but if you're a capable flyer, training should not be an issue. I'm not sure it would be as intense as an SV training session but that does not mean it will not be greatly beneficial to your progression! The people there are top notch. John Suiter is amazing, kind, patient, and always willing to coach eager students. Be sure to see if he's around on your visit! Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  6. Way to go ladies! You raised a ton of funds for a great cause. Looking forward to following your journey to JFTC! Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  7. Ditto the CONGRATS to all the winners and flyers! Was great to meet new peeps and get some face time with old friends. Hope this helped Maxine and Karen raised a ton of money (I heard around $1,000! Way to go ladies!). The tunnel looked great with all the pink and shirts! Great apparel and goodies to snag up for JFTC this year. Be sure to check out all the shirts and raffle tickets they may still have for sale. *All proceeds benefit the 2 NC ladies fundraising goals and ultimately JFTC. Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  8. I can speak from experience in the AZ tunnel, never jumped there though. It's an amazing machine that generates just as amazing times (and skills for that matter). I have no doubt you'd love your experiences at Eloy. Also, tunnel is a great tool to get ya comfortable and in a good body position from the get go. Not having bad habits from the start creates strong foundations to build on. Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  9. Gail Lovelace has agreed to help out the TPM and become a delegate. Wooohooo Gail!!!!! In addition to tunnel flying, Gail also skydives, scuba dives, plays a wooden flute, and many other exciting activities. Gail's travels take her all over so surely she'll be at a tunnel near you shortly! In a few days, her active TPM email address will be [email protected] Keep your eyes peeled for a few new delegates who are excited to bring girls in on the fun! Thanks again Gail! Lots of Love! Spread Love and Fly- Paige Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  10. Original Poster: Don't just jump into this on your own. Coaches are the fast track to good skills and confident skydivers/tunnel flyers! Esp. stormywinters, AMAZING is an understatement! I wouldn't say that mixing it up with sit and back (when coach/instruct say it's safe) is always a bad idea. I know students of mine get frustrated with back or sit and move to the other to 'reset' their mental state with something they are confident in, or try something else for variety. Muscles get tired and fatigued, breaking it up by alternating with back and sit (again, done safely of course) can offer you a refreshed view of the position by letting your tired muscles recover a bit. I know back flying is very relaxing for me but when I was learning to sit fly, the arms were so tired. So I'd switch from back to sit and found my progression to be just fine (200+ hours of experience talking, but that's NOTHING these days). I did it with coaches and guidance however. Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  11. In case you decide to travel to tunnels you can search worldwide here Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  12. Can only speak for the ones I've been to, but they both had to be shut down to adjust the luvers (sp?!?!). Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  13. I second, Kris is amazing! Super patient, super kind, super duper coach! Tunnel Pink Mafia Delegate
  14. Paige

    Freefly Jumpsuits

    I know this is an older post but I haven't seen anything on here about Freak'N Suits. Angela makes an amazing suit and uses her awesome artistic talents to bring you a one of a kind design. Great price, great fit, great flight experience in fast and slow tunnels, good turn around time, and AMAZING customer service! I can't speak for them in the sky but they hold up well in the tunnel and fly nice in there also. I'm waiting on a new one as we speak, any week now