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  1. ASTKU

    Winter jumping at Mile-Hi??

    I'm gonna be there too.... I used to live in Longmont/boulder and there is a good group of jumpers but it does thin out in the winter. If it is 32degrees on the ground and there are enough jumpers they will jump.... They have c206, king air, and twin otter!! I plan on jumping and tunnel action :)
  2. ASTKU

    Perris Jan 13-16

    There are other dropzones close by as well.... Check 'em all out!!
  3. ASTKU

    Polishfreefly 2010 - teaser

    yep thats freeflyin' alright
  4. ASTKU


    Glow face is nice eventually you might want to do a night jump.
  5. If Gravity Gear will be there count me in....
  6. I currently jump around the San Diego area. Elsinore is definitely a great dropzone and very friendly.... My suggestion would be to look into Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Best place that I know of to jump in January. And there are always lots of people from other countries there so I think you would have lots of fun there.... They also have a good restaurant, good bunk rooms, and facilities (washing machines, showers). It gets a little chilly at night but it is fantastic weather during the day typically.... Anyways just my opinion! HAVE FUN!!!
  7. Unless you fail one of the AFF jumps! j/k Relax and you'll do fine...I'm excited for ya HAVE FUN!!!
  8. ASTKU

    Hello, I am addicted

    Hello. Congrats on your beer jump!! I would suggest you learn from your instructor before you start farting around on this website.... Sometimes you won't always get the best advice. So, you're just going for one decade of fun?? Why not a lifetime? Take it easy. Blue skies
  9. ASTKU

    need a dz

    Skydive San Marcos is a cool dropzone.... Take reviews for what they are worth. It is a great dz especially for doing a tandem.... You could go a little further up to skydive temple if you want to jump out of a smaller plane (although they rent bigger ones). I believe they also have free beer in temple....
  10. ASTKU

    lodi in the winter??

    I would really like to know the answer to these questions as well..... I am moving to SoCal in a couple months and wanted to stop there on my way down....
  11. ASTKU

    Jack Brake

    Whoever this guy is I have seen signs in cities that say he is not allowed!
  12. ASTKU

    Difference between AFF programs?

    There is no difference. AFF 1 is AFF A. Except I think it goes AFF1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 OR AFF A, B, C, D, D, E, F......something like that
  13. ASTKU

    Pac 750

    The Pac 750 is the only plane designed for skydiving. I haven't gotten a chance to fall out of one yet but looking forward to that opportunity.... I'd say my favorite is the Cessna Caravan. Its the biggest single engine aircraft Ive jumped. But, anything big and fast is great. I think I heard somewhere that single engine planes are safer. Don't know if there is any truth to it but I bought into it..... Attached is a pic of Skydive Hawaii's Caravan.
  14. ASTKU

    How, and what is it about skydiving

    Ill tell you how it has changed my life. I'm Now Poor!! BUT HAPPY!!
  15. ASTKU

    Dive Exit