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  1. ok. got a rental car. now, does anyone need a ride?
  2. yep. exactly. this would only work if it was mutually advantageous for both people. i didn't think it would happen but thought it wouldn't hurt to try. and obviously I would pay for gas etc.
  3. I'll probably rent a car or take the train but was wondering if anybody is going from Austin to DFW on Monday morning March 11th. I'm down for a bit of tunnel action and it was way cheaper to fly out off DFW. blue skies. thanks
  4. get the suit you want now (belly suit)..... then when you wanna try to backfly/sitfly/freefly wear a long sleeve shirt and pants until you can save for a FIREFLY suit. which in my opinion are the best/cheapest. And they are great. Mine has lasted over 600 jumps. I did however just order an awesome vertical suit for the wind tunnel, yay! good luck
  5. Of those three; My money would go to Vertical Suits, they seem to hold up the best. Plus I've heard multiple friends not happy with their liquidsky.... My money HAS been going to FireFly! Definitely the best-cheapest! Either way customer service seems to be great with all of these companies (from what I've seen/heard).
  6. You should Be making this trip too amigo!
  7. Spaceland for serious team environment, houston for more laid back dz. More stuff going on in spaceland but I prefer skydive houston.... kinda like perris vs.elsinore to me. It just depends.....
  8. I'm just more of a dirty pirate gigolo..... maybe a dirty pirate man-whore..... Never been called a hooker ;)
  9. Well, I dont think I fit all the requirements..... I AM a dirty pirate though!
  10. Wow! I am super stoked for this event!! And apparently I am going to see some dirty pirate hookers, SWEET!! I do have a question though ---> Do pirate hookers freefly??
  11. Yahtzee! Used some wire cutters and a couple of good snaps was all it took! Thanks
  12. It's not rubber its plastic so I don't think an exacto will do it. I don't care about putting the door back on. Tearing it off is probably more in line with that thinking but I am just worried about damaging the frame of the camera or exposing something..?.?..
  13. Got mine used (supposedly only 5 times) for $220 Working great so far!!
  14. Recently upgraded from a mini-dv Sony to a CX-110.... Replaced the old box with a new cookie cage which was very easy. Now I am trying to hook up my mini hypeye. Multiple issues, first being due to the fact that the half moon connecting spot is now on the side of the camcorder instead of the back. This just means I need to do some more drilling but what I realize is that there is not enough space (between helmet and CX) for the little door to open that will eventually give me access to the half moon connector. Anyone know how to remove this door without breaking it?? Any other suggestions?? Thanks!
  15. I read that thinking there might be a question..?..? I've met Sam and would agree he is a nice guy. Get your AFF on!!!!!!