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  1. Javelin (Sunpath) are actually quoting 12weeks at the moment.
  2. Hey Joel, are you sitting on brakes before going moving to the risers? That's what Luigi had us doing on the Canopy course at Hinton. Rgds Ryan
  3. arcane

    Which Rig

    Thanks for a very kind offer, Hib's one of my usual DZ's, but am unfortunately working nights and will be sleeping tomorrow. Thanks anyway though.
  4. arcane

    Which Rig

    I'm signed off for packing, am a BPA instructor. That doesn't concern me. Just looking for owners to give me there opinions, Cheers
  5. arcane

    Which Rig

    Hi, am in the process of choosing myself a new container. Have narrowed it down to one of the following... Javelin Odysessy UPT Micron Infinity will be doing a bit of everything, RW, instructing, freeflying, wingsuiting. Thoughts, opinions, advice, all welcome. Cheers Ryan
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Any recommendations for a bigger wings?
  7. Hi, am looking to get my first camera jacket to help with me with extending my range. Was thinking about the Tony Suit Multijacket with the C Wing. Any opinions or recommendations. Am about 5ft 8inches tall and weigh 15stone (210lbs). Thanks
  8. This is a shot I took of my friend jumping a 400yr old parachute design for the History channel. I think it qualifies.
  9. Hi Guys/Gals, i'm working on some skydiving related logos/designs and looking for some inspiration. Either post in this topic or if you could email me them ([email protected]). I of course wouldn't use any images withouth the photographers conscent (being a photographer myself, I understand it's frustrating when people steal your work). Any inspiration greatfully appreciated. Blue Skies Ryan
  10. arcane


    Hi, just wanted to pick peoples brains. I had my first (beer) reserve ride the other day, so got a chance to fly my reserve and found out how little flare it had. Obviously I'm not expecting it to fly like my main, but it had less flare than some lightnings, I'd jumped earlier in the day. Who's here has had the opportunity (is that the right word?) to fly a few different reserves and can give opinions on how they flew/landed. Thanks Ryan ps: mine was a TEMPO 150
  11. Hi, just heard that Pat Hammond (Brit CRW coach) has passed away, he'd suffered a heart attack recently. Rest in Peace Pat. Blue skies.
  12. I like mine, preferred the 150 though! Had a Triathlon 175 on a rotations line set, didn't flare worth a damn!
  13. If you wanna freefly, get to the windtunnel and when you do it in the air, go with a coach and wear an audible, have a plan, stick to it. If you wanna wing suit, start doing tracking dives with experienced jumpers who can help your technique. If you wanna swoop, get out last and dump straight away, gauge your altitude and notice how much altitude you lose in a front riser dive, then below 2000ft, stick to your normal pattern and work on your accuracy. You wanna feel like you're progressing and you will.
  14. Hey guys, have been asked to design some skydive clothing and am wondering what peoples favourite/ labels/designs are. Do you just wear them at the DZ or whenever the mood takes you. Pics would be appreciated. Thanks Ryan