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  1. I am putting together my first rig and just wanted peoples opinions if I'm making a wise choice on a main. Yes I am new and I know I do not want to get hurt at all so please to smart remarks. I have 30 jumps now, am licensed and my jumps have been on nav 260, nav 240 sabre1 230, and nav 220. I have a 218 Reserve in my rig now and I have a sabre2 210 lined up to buy. I will have an exit weight of about 225-230 beginning next season (Boston area). Any advice on if Im making a good choice or what do you recommend? I stand my landings and have been able to correct my landing due to wind gusts still standing so I belive I'll be good with that. Thanks for the info.
  2. Although I did not know him, it shows that he was a good man and Marine by what you say about him. Semper Fi brother and blue skies! God bless his family during their trying times!
  3. Hey man sorry to hear about your loss. She surely will be with you on that jump and everytime you look up into the sky she'll be right there watching over you! Blue Skies!
  4. Thanks. I didnt know they could resize them. Im sure my dzo is goign to go through all my options with me tomorrow when i go talk to him. Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated.
  5. My dzo has a used main for me. sabre 230. Im a little bigger so ita hard to get a used rig for my size. 5'11 225. ive been looking every day on here but cant find anything i like. im goign to talk to him friday and jump some, i just wanted peoples opinions on them before hand so i can ask him about the stuff. thanks for the info though. i definitely am looking top acquire as much used gear as i can to help spend more of my money on jumping.
  6. I hav ent ruled the vector out, in fact my dzo suggested a jav or vector for the 2nd choice. i havent looked much at it though. they look really expensive and it appears as though you get less options without paying for them. like i said though, i havent looked at them much so i could be wrong.
  7. Those are my three choices of containers. I only have 26 jumps but I want to get my own rig. Anyone know any real good reason (legit) to get one over the other. I read that infinity has a great container and it is on the lower price range than the others. The javelin is up there in price but with a main flap that comes undone during FF or so i've read. The mirage has dont have those tuck flaps but i read that the harness moves around while FF. Anyone with good info and suggestions? Thanks. people!
  8. Hey guys newbie here from Boston. Have my A with 26 jumps so far. Looking forward to getting a lot more this year and after. Did all my jumps at Skydive New England and love it up there. Its not my closest but the place is just fun as hell!