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  1. A guy walks into wait, he was already there. ..Anyway, he's talking to his friend and he says "I slept with my wife before we were married. Did you do that too?" and his friend says "I don't know. What was her maiden name?" Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  2. I don't jump any more but it's not because I'm old(er.) I started my business awhile back and decided I no longer had time for it. But I think I have more respect for my own life than I did 20 years ago and as a result would probably be a safer skydiver. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  3. I had an AAD with a dead battery for a few weeks and it didn't prevent me from skydiving. I just remembered to pull, like we did in the old days. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  4. I'd say the Bell 412 in Quincy 1997. The jump itself is not the fun part...just sort of a hop and pop. But before the jump the helicopter pilot would take you on the wildest ride of your life for about ten minutes. ...and in second place is the 727, which was wild as well. I got to do both jumps in one day. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  5. In my old age I've adopted a personal policy that if I can't decide whether or not to send an email or post something on Facebook, not sending it is the better idea. This might also be a good policy for canopy selection. If you can't decide between a 170 and a 190, go with the 190. The worst thing that can happen with a larger canopy is you won't look as cool landing it. The worst thing that can happen with a smaller canopy is...Well, you know. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  6. I think the original video is better....I downloaded this in low res from Facebook. (The original is on a VCR tape LOL. I can't even watch it because there aren't any more VCRs) That rig rappel sounds scary. I'd be paranoid about the initial opening... Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  7. Once I opened too far out and had to ride the brakes to get to the landing area, but my (at the time) new girlfriend was watching and I really wanted to swoop, so like a dumbass I did a front riser turn way too low and found myself way back in the corner. So, no swoop ...just hard brakes (as hard as I could pull them) and miraculously pulled off the landing with nothing more than a slip and almost fell on my ass. (The girlfriend was not impressed...) To this day I cringe thinking about how hard I could have hit. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  8. I like the idea of downsizing one size at a time. That's how I did it many years ago. Our AFF canopies were 230's and my first canopy was a 210, then a 190, 170, 150, 135, and finally a 120 and I did at least 100 jumps on each size. The larger sizes were a little on the conservative side because I'm a skinny boy, but when I retired from skydiving I had nearly 2,000 jumps with zero cutaways and no serious injuries. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  9. Thought I'd share this video. Hard to believe this was ten years ago.. Balloon rappel/ skydive: Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  10. Thanks MotherGoose. Yep, it's me me for pricing on the p-cords. Blue skies! Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  11. Who me? When did you call? Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  12. Yeah, that's me. The prices on the p-cords have gone up quite a bit in the last few months because the company that makes the binding tape recently doubled their prices. I'm looking for an alternate manufacturer, possibly in a foreign country. Hopefully I can bring the price back down to the $0.40-$0.50 range. Snug Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  13. Because we're in the sky and the beer is on the ground. Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  14. That is a good one too! After I saw it I built a creeper ramp for our mock up to practice 8-way exits! Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords
  15. My favorite skydiving documentary is "Drop Zone" starring Wesley Snipes. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn what our sport is all about... Custom T-Shirts and Pullup cords