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  1. I am not talking about the freefly dvds that include people getting a blowjob or experiments with the list of transitions in iMovie. I want to know if someone has done a good well thought out documentary of the skydiving scene, the people, dropzones, adventures, risks, interviews etc. Something positive (but realistic) for the sport, that a wuffo could watch and get interested in. Something you could see aired on Discovery or so. Plenty of docs like this have been made over sea exploration for example.
  2. that's what she said
  3. I've seen in OR: FRE FLY FALL Also I saw someone with a VW Jetta who removed the second T, so it said JET A
  4. I didnt buy it to replace my eyes or altimeter, just as an extra suplement. I don't plan on relying on it exclusively. Besides, I like gadgets gadget_count++;
  5. the new L&B Solo. I have normally just relied on watching my altimeter. But then I had this kick ass jump that went really well, and my jump buddy broke off when his dytter went off, and I was like oh yeah. Kinda scared me. First time I really lost altitude awareness.
  6. Thanks Fireflyer for the idea in this thread Anyway, here's my plate :) Cool non skydiving plates welcome too of course.
  7. People still watch TV? I don't even have one. Scrubs is mos def awesome, I can still "aquire" the episodes though
  8. hilariously, I found this while searching for places that do 1st time paragliding. I have since decided to keep the number of expensive hobbies down to a minimum
  9. I don't know what to make of it, there is no contact info other than an 800 #. I wonder if this is another skyride thing?
  10. In the gear section, under Jumpsuits and Phoenix Fly The Prodigy, Vampire V1, Phatom and Acro wingsuits are not listed, thus I cannot write a review.
  11. Pretty awesome
  12. Ugg - how long does it take to build up strength? I'm like aaahhh - i can't hold it and then check my alt - 8k! I am all sore today from yesterday's flights. Also, I want to do that WS hybrid jump where you have a friend in a back track underneath hanging from your cheststrap (with no wingsuit). Is that hard to setup?
  13. What the heck kind of suit is that with the arm wing spoilers propped open?
  14. I have my new Phatom, and have made like 4 jumps on it so far. My performace increased quicly each jump, much more so than the GTI or Firebird that i demo'ed. Last jump was 125 seconds, including me pulling high because my arms got tired. Got into the high 40's there. I'm telling ya, if you get a change to demo one, please do! Oh yeah: I really like the construction on the Phantom. The subtle inlets, the padding in the arms & knees - very well made!