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  1. CRWCheryl

    Former World Record Broken in Oz ;)

    Congratulations! Great news! Who was in this new one? And did you learn the proper way to say arch?
  2. CRWCheryl

    Tim Micheals (sp?)

    Used too.
  3. CRWCheryl

    USPA Nationals - Eloy, AZ

    Rotations today - 6 rounds. Tomorrow, the goal is sequential, but we have Tstorms coming in, so who knows. After we get a day of sequential, we're going for 8 way, then 2 way. Great turnout! 3-4 teams in 8 way, 4 teams sequential, 4 teams rotation, and around 9 teams in 2 way. Oh, and the score is one cutaway! Having a great time, but do wish you all were here! OK, I'm out of the judges fishbowl for the evening, but I've got to go back to homework now.
  4. CRWCheryl

    drill dives

    Here's a good dive I use when working with newbies. It gives them a chance to see the relativity of using different controls. Trainer goes out, lays base. Newby exits second, figures out what they need to do to get back to base and then sets up off the side, about level. Sometimes trainer moves to get in position. Trainer front risers for a couple of seconds, stops. After trainer stops, newby front risers and stops. Reset so that you are side to side and level. Trainer hits rear risers gently. Stops. Newby hits rear risers. Stops. Reset again if necessary. Trainer pulls brakes. Stops. Newby pulls brakes. Stops. Reset. Trainer performs outside spiral. Stops. Newby performs outside spiral. Trainer resets near newby who usually goes very low in the spiral. This last one is to reinforce that spirals put you behind and below. Best use of it is exiting out of chase planes on large formations. Otherwise it is generally best not to use this. It is fun to end the dive with a dock or bumping end cells. But the point is to let the newby see what the controls do relative to another person.