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  1. Probably not a good idea on the G3, given the anti-fog coating on the visor
  2. Andrelr

    5-by side attempts?

    Wow, Pasi. Where did you get that pic from? Those were all guys I did CF with back then at Klerksdorp. I don't remember that jump, though.
  3. Andrelr

    Most amazing skydive ever...

    Beers, Arno! Who else was on the load?
  4. Andrelr

    2005 nationals unofficial standings

    Hi Kleggo What scores? Scores and places in Rotes? Cheers Andre
  5. Andrelr

    Hilarious wrap

    Great story. I can picture it - hanging in there, unable to do a thing, watching you come in for a dock. I've had a couple of over-keen teammates dock me while my canopy was busy falling out of the stack on top of me. The best wrap story from my team also involved Pursuits (possibly the worst CRW-specific canopy ever!). Tonto posted the details elsewhere in the forums, but involved one guy eventually falling away from us (body) line-wrapped up in his plus another Pursuit. Not much material actaully holding him up at all. As he wasn't getting out of this in a hurry (luckily the initial incident happened at 7000'), he popped his reserve at about 2000' only contributing to the mess around him. Again, very little material above him. We were all spiralling down crazily above him, watching him go in. Directly over a suburb - you start wishing for miracles like landing in a large pool, whatever. Not sure that would have helped. We saw this flash of light as he hit and landed near him. Here's the scary bit - as we got there, we saw him get up and look around in disbelief! What happened: he went through the main powerlines feeding the suburb. After his body went through (without touching lines), the material of the canopy collection caught, slowed his fall, shorted, melted as a result and released him, fully horizontal on to the tar below with the angled concrete roadside holding up his head. Not even winded. Only injury was a badly cut finger from his hookknife. True story. 4 April 1992, Pretoria Skyding Club, South Africa. Jumper: Chris Flint. With those Pursuits, we had 6 cutaways in 6 jumps (looking at my logbook). Chris wore a tersh for the next year!
  6. Andrelr

    Triathlon Hybrid

    Being an old Crew Dog forced to jump in the freefall world (moving to the Middle East), I looked for a canopy that could do CRW and open at terminal. Bought a 135 Hybrid Tri through Clasifieds from a chap in Canada. Had it transported to Saudi Arabia. Took it with me to South Africa on a Biz trip to get it checked out. I jumped it in Pretoria at 4500 ft (above sea level) and a week later in Dubai at sea level. Loaded at 1.44, it was stable as a rock, swooped nicely and landed great. I did a lot of jumps on a 160 CRW Tri last year and found that to be a dog in comparison to this one. This 135 Hybrid Tri is possibly the best canopy I've owned. Can't wait to crash it into some of my CRW buddies!
  7. Andrelr


    Just bought my second Vortex 2 (I bought one in 1998 and a Vortex 1 in 1996). I've always been impressed with Parachute Systems' (previously Chute Shop) products. This latest has some great new features such as full riser covers. It's build quality is the best so far and fit perfectly first time.
  8. Andrelr

    Skydive Xtreme

    My team has jumped at many DZs in SA. This is the only one that can (and is willing to) give us six loads before 11h00 daily. The club is very geared to its members and vistors. Nice to find a place that puts its customers first! Saturday night parties are awesome.