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  1. Probably not a good idea on the G3, given the anti-fog coating on the visor
  2. We’re a South African 2-way jumping in Dubai looking for 2 more teammates to make up a 4-way Rotation team to compete perhaps in DIPC or European competitions. We offer a fast, solid base pair that can rotate 4-way very competently. Who would be interested in meeting in Dubai for 4-day weekends every 2 months? We have 3 competition CRW Tri 135’s plus a Hybrid Tri 135 for camera use, but are willing to invest in other canopies to match. Please PM me if interested.
  3. Not blind luck at all - just some really good planning and execution. Check out the link below (dunno how to make it a clicky):
  4. My first canopy was a Strato Flyer. Truly awful to land - especially when your DZ is at 5000'...
  5. This post is a bit late for people to plan a big trip out to Jordan, but Paradrenalin France are bringing their staff and Caravan out to Wadi Rum 1 to 17 March. There'll be the usual tandem/AFF offered and they will be fun jump friendly. If you will be in the area, or are based in the Middle East and want to jump in a real pretty place, then come and join us!
  6. 25 JD per jump. has the other price detail. You going to be there?
  7. Not sure about any Israeli skydivers, but given ease of access to the area from Israel, I'm sure there will be. Why not contact Skykef in Beer Sheba and see if any locals are going? Access is via Aqaba, either driving through the border post (Eilat and Aqaba are right next to each other), or flying to Aqaba Airport and arranging transport from there to Wadi Rum. Drop me a mail with your intended dates if you need transport and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Bumping this one to the top again. Only 3 more weeks before the Jordan Summer Boogie. 8-30 June. Come and jump in a particularly pretty place.
  9. Finally - some skydiving in my new country! I'll be there...
  10. Long Pete Mauchan was one of jumpers in the pic. He's still an active skydiver and DZ.commer. Try [email protected] for his e-mail address.
  11. Wow, Pasi. Where did you get that pic from? Those were all guys I did CF with back then at Klerksdorp. I don't remember that jump, though.
  12. Nothing current. I read reverything, then posted. Thanks for the advice, though...
  13. Tiny country, few Middle East DZs, thus small population. Merely casting the net wide. Thanks for the helpful comment, though...
  14. Did you manage to jump in Jordan? Do you have contact details of any DZs/jumpers in Jordan? I'm moving out there next month.
  15. Do you have an contact details of any jumpers/DZs in Jordan? I'm moving out there next month and need a place to jump regularly, if there is one out there.