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  1. CFPasi

    Naked CReW anyone?

    1977 General Scotty Carbone and Steve Haley made the first naked plane formation during the summer.
  2. CFPasi

    CF competitions in 2013

    Nothing big... Next IPC meeting will deceded coming events. Now there is only one bid for World Champpionships.
  3. CFPasi

    The Very First 2-Stack

    The first 2-stack This is how I had wrote it in my CRW history booklet (short english version) 1975-1976 All begins, like we believe in USA. Summer 1975 Mike Johnston and Mike Cerasoli came together and made the first planning canopy contact. Why I wrote, "like we believe" - the main reason are that there are also other names like Mike Barber and Bobby Gray who could be the first ones. Source 1: Skydiving January 30, 1980 number 7 "We had been flying in close formation for a long time, but had been afraid of actually making contact with another canopy until Mike Barber rode on the top of Bobby Gray's canopy durin about the last 100' of descent into the peas. Nothing terrible happened so Mac McGallum and Bobby went p and got an intentieonal hook-up in the next jump. Then Mike Barber and I (Carl Daugherty) got one one jump later." ....(Those attempts were made in July 1975) Source 2: Parachutist July 1996 (By Nancy Koreen) "One day in 1975 on the East Coast, Mike Johnston and Mike Cerasoli came together under canopy. It wasn't an accident, but rather the birth of what was to be a new skydiving discipline. They formed a 2-stack, the first formation with skydivers under open parachutes, and canopy relative work was born." I had not try to find those two Mike's from the East Coast or Nancy Koreen to find more details. Can anyone help? Pasi Pirttikoski CRW history collector