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  1. I was in Interlaken for the weekend and came out to Skydive Switzerland one Sunday in March. I took the train out to Reichenbach and walked 20 mins to the dropzone (ignore google maps and take the back route along altestrasse). The staff and funjumpers were welcoming and made time for visitors like me. As with many drop-zones, its tandem-driven (no tandems == no funjumping), but they look after fun-jumpers all the same - the lifts are a sensible mix of both. At the end of March its not too cold but there's still snow on the montains so the views are pretty awesome. They were flying their 208 up to 12.5k above the DZ. Definitely worth a visit.
  2. Skydive Interlaken runs out of helicopters with 5 slots, so if there's two tandems there's often a spare slot for a fun jumper. They fly to 8.5-10.5k above Interlaken, or out next to the Eiger (which I didn't get to do). The offices are about 30 min walk out of town, so pretty easy to get to. I did 3 jumps over Interlaken in one day in March, which was when there was still some snow on the mountain tops, but wasn't too cold down in the valley. If you've only ever jumped out of planes in rural areas its quite the experience. Best appreciated head-up and watching the mountains go up while you fall down. The staff were friendly and super-accommodating, going so far as to help me arrange jumping at Skydive Switzerland the following day. Definitely worth a visit if you're out here!
  3. I couldn't seem to find anything on the forums so I figured I'd ask the question - has anybody tried polishing out the scratches in their full-face visor? I'm particularly interested in the polycarbonate G3, but I assume the process would be similar for any other full-face. It looks like its feasible but that it might be so time-consuming that you might as well just buy a replacement visor. Anybody tried?
  4. I somewhat amazed that no-one on the entire forums has ever used the word "Xiaomi" but there you go. Has anyone tried fitting one to a Cookie roller mount (either G3 or fuel). The housing is a "similar" size to a GoPro standard housing, but I didn't fancy buying it myself to find out that it wouldn't fit at all. Anybody tried it? Cookie say they aren't sure either.
  5. I started as an AFF student last Fall, got caught out by the winter, and finally got my licence last summer, and sadly had to move on. Its a fabulous place to learn to skydive in, and everyone is super-friendly and always willing to answer my stupid beginner's questions. In fact everyone was so friendly that I was nearly always able to hitch a ride for my carless self out from Lawrence. Kansas can get a bit windy though, but thems the breaks!