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  1. Good job with the curse, Way to be a Dick Richard. How is the parachute suppose to come out without the guy on his back to pull it out? Clearly its a PC in tow right? Stop being so serious all the time. Looks safe to me :)
  2. Some peoples bodies handle diving alot better than others too. As long as you follow the charts and have a plan diving is pretty safe. As soon as I strap on a closed circuit rig thats when I start to worry. I often find myself thinking that I'd rather be skydiving when I'm underwater. If people understood skydiving gear better they would probably feel more comfortable. By the way I am in Aqaba, Jordan right now and the Red Sea is rediculous! Beautiful diving.
  3. http://www.jumpshack.com/tm_course.pdf I did a search for references on tandem info. Was all I could find. Does anyone else have some good info they would like to share? Do TI's have to get qualified on on all rigs or just what ever thier DZ uses?
  4. Is there a required time to throw out the drogue? What is optimal? Also, if one does encounter a knarly spin on exit what is the EP? Sorry for being a douche earlier.
  5. Glad to see someone has something useful to say. I've always liked your posts though. So that says something to the least.
  6. I'm sorry if I have pisssed a lot of you off with my recent posts. I am now going back into none post mode, Just fed up with some shit as of late. Blue skies to everyone. Can't wait to get back to the states to make some damn jumps. DEPLOYING SUCKS DICK!
  7. While this is true, some of your examples are plain ridiculous. Having laws enforcing people to buckle up which without a doudt saves lives,which is a good thing. It is one thing if are an adult, it's another thing if you keep your children from buckling up and letting them die a horrible car accident, caused by someone who had the choice of driving drunk because following your logic that should not be illegal either. The same goes for wearing bicycle helmets. Here in Germany Children have to wear a biclycle helmet until they are 14. Why should religion dictate what basic moral standards are? Are you not shoving an even narrower religous brand down their throats? Unwanted Teen pregnancy is much bigger problem in religious comunitys because teens tend to fuck around, there is no stopping them.(I can find the stats if you like.) It's much wiser to tell them what the risks are and which precautions to take. What right do you have to deny teens the pleasure of sex, based on a ridiculous moral code that has no basis? Where in the Bible does it say at which age one should have sex ? And lets not start about the 4000 year old notion that premartial sex is a bad thing ! If you think so, please elobroate with a single reason, not implying the belief in God. I live in Germany, according to statistics german Teens have their first sex at the age of around 14. I don't see Germany morally decaying, what I see are less abortions and unwanted pregnancys. Children in Germany get Sex Ed at the age of 12 in school, and that is good thing ! I completly agree. That is a problem of the US legal system and espeically greedy lawyers. Lawsuits like that get immediatly dismissed in the german legal system. Why not in America ? Thats why I wrote in Ron MF'in Paul for president. I'd advise you to do the same. F.O.
  8. Zero point zero is some funny shit. The truth is, this could have gone very wrong. Rolling over like that with the drouge coming out is just asking for it to get wrapped around something. Not caught on a foot, which could be kicked off, but wrapped, as in never coming off and making for some real trouble later on when handles start getting pulled. We've all seen the video of the drouge wrapped around the jumpers neck. The problem here is that any way you slice it, the TI fucked up. If the guy in the suit was an experienced jumper or a first timer, the plan should have been for a stable exit, hands on harness and legs in between the TI, follwed by a clean drouge throw and then start rocking out for camera. Regardless of who was in the suit, it needed to be stressed that a clean exit was essential, and that any sort of 'antics' were to be reserved for after the TI had signaled that it was appropriate. As for the TI or their qualifications, that should be of no consequence. If your claim is that there is a level of expereince that makes the roll-over to drouge toss OK, then you are way off base. That roll should have been unintentional, unwanted, and a wake up call to the TI. If it was anything but that, the TI, regardless of their experience needs their rating pulled. No circumstance on earth would make planning that manuver acceptable. Rating pulled? WTF, this shit goes on ever day. I watched it happen to my wife when she did her tandem. At a different DZ, but WTF ever. SKY GODS. Maybe I shouldn't be jumping my 150 either. GFUS.
  9. In my eyes he prevented a situation not caused one. . . .
  10. You know what pisses me off. I have met two very awesome people. Regardless of whether or not they are on Red Bull they have been outstanding teachers and instructors to me at kapowsin. Fuck all the nay sayers and JEALOUS MF'ers who wish they were on Red Bull. Just jump and STFU.
  11. They no nothing about you Luke, just idiots that post on the internet. Keep on keepin on. See you at Kapowsin bro!
  12. Uh, yeah...it does. |Context box| You have officially taken the statement out of the box. The statement had no purpose in the article other than to imply weed prevents cancer. It's really that simple. Heck, I don't think it causes cancer any more than you probably do. What they should have stated was that there has never been a documented case of marijuana causing cancer. It is far more accurate, can be proven, and does not mislead the reader into think weed is some kind of cancer preventative substance. What are we arguing about anyways? I just wanted to post a witty comment.
  13. It does kinda look like the roll was intentional BUT sketchy looking at best. I'm sure its not the first time a drogue shoot has come in contact with the tandem. But because he is on Red Bull I'm sure he will be tar'd and feather'd.