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  1. in the 80's and 90's everytime Smitty would do a tandem, he would set 2 world records'. 1. The length of time between the first and last jumps ( first jump in 1922 ) 2. Being the oldest active jumper at the time. Tony Brogdon D-12855
  2. sorry for your loss Jim. What a great mentor!! Tony Brogdon D-12855
  3. Van Pray will be missed. He made enormous contributions to the Sport especially in Southern California RIP Van Tony Brogdon D-12855
  4. New Year’s Eve 1992 Jim Twordowski, Curly's son Dave Annis, I and 5 others did an 8 way from 15,000 feet. Debbie Web's husband was flying the Otter and with no oxygen we were all feeling epoxy waiting for the Ontario traffic controller to give us clearance to jump. We completed the 8 way and Jim lighted up the Elsinore Valley with his pyrotechnics show as only he can do and as we were landing I will never forget hearing the music blaring from a boom box James Brown's “I feel Good ". It was another one of those " There I was and thought I was going to die moment" for sure. Tony Brogdon D-12855
  5. Very well said Bill. I have seen up close a lot of what you are saying. I was the first one to someone who was over weight using mini risers. One broke on opening and put him to such a violent spin he was unable to release the other riser. Upon pulling his reserve his pilot shoot wrapped around him in such a way his reserve was laying next to him as he landed on a pile of boards at 90 plus miles per hour. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom. By the way do you still have the all leather mink lined Wonderhog you showed me at the USPA Board meeting in 1987?
  6. yes, we used to jump together at DZ in Fredricksburg, Virginia Tony Brogdon D-12855
  7. I owned a Green Star Express I bought it from Charlie Brown in Richmond, Va. 1979. It was my first piggy back rig. It had a PC in a bag not a sleeve for a main and a Navy Conical round reserve. I took it to Dublin, Va. to make my first jump in my new rig. Since the rig was not designed for a PC nor was the PC designed for bag the Dublin DZ people took it out and re packed it on a packing table designed for T-10's. I will never forget them saying while scratching their heads " well it looks like it will work." Truly the dumbest thing I ever did was take it for a test jump from 7500 feet to see if it would open not knowing the rig had been recalled for the stitching coming loose on the reserve risers. Fortunately it opened. Later at a Nationals being held at Perris Valley, Charlie told he he had the rig sent back to the factory for restitching of the reserve before he sold it to me. Meanwhile my guardian angels were working overtime. Tony Brogdon D-12855
  8. Your not old Jim I stated in 1977 in Wichita, Ka. age 36 My last jumps were with two of my granddaughters 3 years ago. age 67 Tony Brogdon D-12855
  9. Dale Boyer was my first jump instructor September 1977 Him and his wife lived in a loft they built in one of the Old Naval Air station's barracks. He convinced Witchita State University to list Skydiving as one of their coarces. I was the first one to jump static line out of the coarce Tony Brogdon D-12855
  10. Can't relate to what you are referring to. I did make my first 10 jumps at the Old Naval Air Station in Hutchinson, KS in 1977. We packed out T-10 's on long tables in the desserted barracks and and always waited until sunset when the winds to die down to jump rounds. Tony Brogdon D-12855
  11. Thanks Jerry I miss him as well. There was and never be anyone like him. Tony Brogdon D-12855
  12. Thanks Pat for passing on Nick's writing. Good Information. Tony Brogdon D-12855
  13. He was the best of what he did. he made his mark in the History of Skydiving!! Tony Brogdon D-12855
  14. He was truly one of a kind. Tony Brogdon D-12855