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  1. SCS292

    Smallest DZ for a PC?

    I love pictures of PCs. They make my heart beat faster.
  2. In the round days we didn't have "packers" for sport jumping except for student rigs. The closer you were on the manifest the sloppier the pack job would get, including using your reserve to hold tension and just giving the whole thing a good shake instead of flaking. I packed a few student rigs for a dollar apiece in Galveston. A student had a nice streamer on one of my pack jobs that opened slowly resulting in a nice soft opening shock. I got fired from packing but tried hard to duplicate that pack job on my own rig. Sometimes my rig seemed to open a couple seconds before I pulled, straining me through the harness.
  3. ??????? The title of this thread is "Skydiving" History & Trivia. I could read it again for the "Skydiving" connection but I have better things to do. First time through I couldn't tell if it was an ad for watches, actors or the liberal agenda. I can't imagine a skydiver being too concerned with a carbon footprint.
  4. Very nicely done. It brought back some great memories of my jumping experiences in the early 70's. I would also like to see some video of early RW in place of the accuracy footage in your next video. Congratulations!