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  1. This material spells out perfectly the issues at hand. The words aren't mine. Link to the source is at the end of this post. Begin quoted text>>> Like many Americans, I’m having politics fatigue. Or, to be more specific, arguing-about-politics fatigue. I haven’t run out of salient points or evidence for my political perspective, but there is a particular stumbling block I keep running into when trying to reach across the proverbial aisle and have those “difficult conversations” so smugly suggested by think piece after think piece: I don’t know how to explain to someone why they should care about other people. Personally, I’m happy to pay an extra 4.3 percent for my fast food burger if it means the person making it for me can afford to feed their own family. If you aren’t willing to fork over an extra 17 cents for a Big Mac, you’re a fundamentally different person than I am. I’m perfectly content to pay taxes that go toward public schools, even though I’m childless and intend to stay that way, because all children deserve a quality, free education. If this seems unfair or unreasonable to you, we are never going to see eye to eye. If I have to pay a little more with each paycheck to ensure my fellow Americans can access health care? SIGN ME UP. Poverty should not be a death sentence in the richest country in the world. If you’re okay with thousands of people dying of treatable diseases just so the wealthiest among us can hoard still more wealth, there is a divide between our worldviews that can never be bridged. I don’t know how to convince someone how to experience the basic human emotion of empathy. I cannot have one more conversation with someone who is content to see millions of people suffer needlessly in exchange for a tax cut that statistically they’ll never see (do you make anywhere close to the median American salary? Less? Congrats, this tax break is not for you). I cannot have political debates with these people. Our disagreement is not merely political, but a fundamental divide on what it means to live in a society, how to be a good person, and why any of that matters. There are all kinds of practical, self-serving reasons to raise the minimum wage (fairly compensated workers typically do better work), fund public schools (everyone’s safer when the general public can read and use critical thinking), and make sure every American can access health care (outbreaks of preventable diseases being generally undesirable). But if making sure your fellow citizens can afford to eat, get an education, and go to the doctor isn’t enough of a reason to fund those things, I have nothing left to say to you. I can’t debate someone into caring about what happens to their fellow human beings. The fact that such detached cruelty is so normalized in a certain party’s political discourse is at once infuriating and terrifying. The “I’ve got mine, so screw you,” attitude has been oozing from the American right wing for decades, but this gleeful exuberance in pushing legislation that will immediately hurt the most vulnerable among us is chilling. Perhaps it was always like this. I’m (relatively) young, so maybe I’m just waking up to this unimaginable callousness. Maybe the emergence of social media has just made this heinous tendency more visible; seeing hundreds of accounts spring to the defense of policies that will almost certainly make their lives more difficult is incredible to behold. I don’t know what’s changed ― or indeed, if anything has ― and I don’t have any easy answers. But I do know I’m done trying to convince these hordes of selfish, cruel people to look beyond themselves. Futility can’t be good for my blood pressure, and the way things are going, I won’t have health insurance for long. <<<End quoted text
  2. John F. Kennedy's challenge to the country to put man on the moon and bring them back safely by the end of the decade was "magical thinking" at the time. All throughout the sixties as the space program progressed there was a lot of opposition to it. We can't afford it. It doesn't help the people on the planet now, etc, etc, etc. Economic analysis of the space program and the results of the technology improvements and inventions shows that the money spent on the space program program was totally worth it. Trillions of dollars of economic activity can be traced back to the progress made by the space program. It is by far and away one of the best investments ever made. The green new deal can be just as successful if the country gets behind it. Given that the UK and the USA have conceded ownership of a good portion of their media outlets to an Australian that hates both places, it will never happen. The stupidification of the masses continues. It is not an accident.
  3. Stupidity is 100% hereditary. Richard Nixon's popularity was in the mid to high 30s right up until he was forced to resign or be impeached. That is about the same percentage as tRump consistently maintains. It appears that the same gullible ignorant swine that loved Nixon reproduced and generated a whole bunch more gullible ignorant swine.
  4. Six heavily armed paramiltary gang members were asked to leave a private business. They had completed their purchase and were making other guests uncomfortable. Why is that a problem? As a juvenile, I was convicted of crimes I had nothing to do with based on the perjury of two police officers. While I was in custody I was beaten due to my failure to confess or sign a confession. I get the willies when I am anywhere near any form of LEOs. I totally understand the feelings of the Starbucks guest that was not comfortable with six thugs in uniform hanging around the store after having made their purchase. I commend the Starbucks team member that asked the thugs to leave.
  5. Moral and ethical consistency from anyone who identifies as Republican or Christian? That is not possible. Not in this day and age. For those people, morals and ethics are completely fungible. It depends on who is doing what, and what their beliefs and skin color are. Then, and only then, can a decision be made as to what iteration of their version of ethics and morals apply.
  6. Faux Spews is amazing. Imagine how stupid people (the viewers) would feel if they knew that it was owned by an Australian billionaire who doesn't give a shit about facts and truth. One who owns and runs some of the most heinous media outlets on the planet.
  7. Personal attack much? When does the ban start?
  8. The word “shall” is not ambiguous. tRumps tax returns will become public information soon. Once the depths of tRumps depraved financial transactions become public, the Trumpettes will be exposed as being gullible buffoons. Faux Spews will make it seem otherwise.
  9. The gullibility of the reich wing nitwits knows no bounds. Barr says the Mueller report has nothing? Law Professor Orin Kerr writes on twitter - Imagine if the Starr Report had been provided only to President Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno, who then read it privately and published a 4-page letter based on her private reading stating her conclusion that President Clinton committed no crimes. <<< End The Riech wing media and pundits would have gone INSANE. It is NOT funny how the "morals and ethics" of the Reich wing are so fungible. It is completely insane that so many people go along with the hypocrisy.
  10. Only the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. The imaginary man in the sky make everything great for the feeble minded. Carry on.
  11. The "Land of the Free and the Home Of the Brave" has been become the "Land of the formerly free who learned immense cowardice via right wing controlled media messages" Pigs get off with blatant murder because "I was in fear of my life", as in, I was SKEEERED so I shot, just like the cowards that trained me learned me to do. The right wingers are SKEERED of the MOOSLIMs because the media tells them to be. The coward are happy to give up civil rights and privacy cause they're SKEEERED of terrorism. The gun nuts are especially cowardly. I am SKEEered that something bad might happen. I gotta have a gun ready, just in case. I'm SKEERED, so I'll shoot anything that SKEERS me, like my son who came home early from work. I'm SKEERED,m so I'll shoot my wife who came home sick while I was sleeping. The land of the free and the home of the brave is long gone.
  12. Hmmmm Back on the Obama payroll I see....... If Rump took a dump on the Oval Office desk on live TV, Marc would defend it.
  13. Rump = Will bow for gold Melania - High class hookers like to show off their hair Rump supporters = Hypocritical to the bone
  14. Add to the list of "achievements" for this fine example of a Rump supporter - plagiarism. His master's thesis on homeland security, for his masters from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. That makes him supremely qualified for this administration.
  15. If Rump took a dump on the Oval Office desk on live TV, Marc would defend it. There is nothing that Rump could do that Marc would see as unacceptable. Some people have extreme situational ethics. Other have none at all. Most people have a reasonable sense of right and wrong. A certain part of the population can't consistently make these determinations. Credit to Anderson Cooper for being the first to identify that there is NOTHING that Rump supporter would perceive as wrong, when done by Rump.