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  1. I hate having to change my breakoff altitude. I have to take my audible out of its pocket, remember the correct button sequence to change it, then fiddle with it until it gets seated properly in the pocket again. I had an idea to have an audible that contained rudimentary voice recognition so I could just shout at the damn thing. I sent this idea to L&B several years ago with no response.
  2. On the login screen, please make the default for "Remember me" to be unchecked. If I click on the "Remember me" label, the checkbox doesn't alter state. I've checked your code and I can't see the reason. P.S. Thanks for making Logoff return to the login screen. P.P.S. Turns out logoff doesn't always return to login :-(.
  3. Some good things in here, thanks. FWIW I'm also in the "too much whitespace" camp. When I sign out, it does appear to sign me out but I don't return to the default page, i.e. index.html. Instead I remain on the page I was viewing when I logged out. I tried the Back button and it worked as expected, i.e. it didn't automatically go to a cached page where I was logged in. ETA: If I log out from viewing my profile, the profile is still visible even though I can no longer edit it. This is a (mild) security concern. I've also noticed very slow response.
  4. So the latest version of Firefox gives me a warning when I try to log in here, in both the username and password fields, telling me that this site isn't secure. Sure enough, you don't have SSL certificates (https prefix). Are there any plans to fix this? ...Blair.
  5. Maybe in the US, but at least in Canada you have to get them in order. I'd been jumping with a BPA C for some years before I decided to get my Canadian B. CSPA sent it back, so I'm the only person I know who wrote the B before the A before the Solo. ...Blair.
  6. Does anyone have experience with this camera for skydiving? How does it compare with say, a GoPro? ...Blair.
  7. Sometimes the unintentional ones are the funniest. I once saw a heavy set guy standing before his jump with a concerned look on his face, when his buddy asked him what was wrong. He replied that they were going back for a stronger rig! ...Blair.
  8. If there are any math/physics geeks out there, if Felix masses 200 lb, would he have been appreciably lighter at 128000 feet? I'm guessing just a few ounces, but don't know the formulae. ...Blair.
  9. I want to delete my review of my old DZ as I no longer jump there and the information's out of date. I couldn't figure out how to do that from looking at the post, and there doesn't appear to be any help (clicking on the Help menu item gives a page not found error, tsk tsk). I also couldn't figure out how to contact a moderator - another help weakness for the site, IMHO. So: 1. How can I delete my DZ review? 2. For future reference, how can I get help on this site? ...Blair.
  10. My first thought was also "troll", but in case this is real, what was your sample size? Is it possible that your expectations are influencing your results? ...Blair.
  11. 9.5 hours total tunnel time, and I've only been released for 10-15 seconds at a time so far. Dunno how much time I've spent just practicing HD, but probably 4-5 hours. Yep, I'm a slow learner, but it's still been fun. ...Blair.
  12. Does anyone have any idea why their web site is so boring? "Give us your email" and nothing else? Are they afraid to announce the location or something? ...Blair.
  13. Well, there's http://www.iflytoronto.ca/ ...Blair.
  14. TangBu


    I've seen a photo of one (a Vigil I I believe) from NZ. Same as in the video, the reserve didn't have a chance to fully inflate before he landed. ...Blair.
  15. With my Cypres I I have to replace the battery every 2 years whether it needs it or not. The only price I could find for the battery is $95 from http://www.parachuteshop.com/cypres_2_aad1.htm, which makes $475 just for batteries. Add in mandatory service at 4 and 8 years and you're looking at over $800, not including the repacks that are required for every battery replacement or the shipping and (in my case) customs charges. I trust my Cypres, but the ongoing cost of ownership is higher than $320. ...Blair.