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  1. eatfastnoodle

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    Tunnel doesn't just exist for skydivers to get training. first timer goes to tunnel for a 2 minute fun experience, vast majority of them will never go again and would have no interest taking up skydiving as a hobby, therefore, they don't and shouldn't be asked to REALLY care about "proper" body position. As Ifly's customers, they expect and should be given as much fun as possible (safety first of course), if a proper pre-AFF training regimen were to be followed, ALL of the 2 minutes he/she would be essentially on the net and the customers didn't pay that much money to lay on a net. Insisting on teaching first timers to fly properly is the same as asking tandem passengers to sit through a 6 hour skydiving ground school before they step into a harness. Unnecessary and would end up killing the business.