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  1. I agree - and I don't work there! *Fantastic* coaching and really friendly staff - all in a really good wind tunnel
  2. I think they're a Headcorn jumper - or used to be. All his/her posts were made on the same day, so I don't think they'll be "fishing" on any more threads... Steph -x-
  3. Yeah, the new draw surprised me too... I thought I was done flailing about on the back of block 8, but obviously not!!! And my team was very disappointed not to do Ritz-Pick Cheers Hib and to everyone who made it up there for another fantastic Nationals! Steph -x- (Ritz Pixies)
  4. So, where is all the news from last nights piss up?! I hope everyone had a great time - without me, (again) sob! Congratulations to Vicki and Adam on your new house!
  5. Dammit!!! I've only just found Craig's post - and you're all in the pub! Have a pint for me OK guys
  6. Steph2

    Pet Poll

    Get some birds! I have two hand reared cockatiels and they are as affectionate as any cat or dog - plus they can fly! They come out and fly around every evening midweek, but keep each other company when I go away flying at the weekends
  7. Steph2

    Monday Funny

    Eh?!!! I say again... Eh?!!! I get both the jokes, but I just don't get the reply... What you saying about us Brits? Are you starting something?!!! Steph -x-
  8. Yes, so am I... I was talking about the 2 balloon pilots qualified to drop jumpers at *Headcorn*. There are always loads of balloon flights going on there, but they have more than enough full price paying customers to fill them... The time I got to jump was early in the year, the weather had been awful for ages and so the the balloon club didn't have any punters lined up. The forecast looked good for the morning, Tony wanted to go up and so offered it to us lot in the bar!
  9. There's 2 now! Yup, I agree with Vicki... I've only ever seen one UK balloon jump. It was at Headcorn, but I was on it so I can't complain!!! Balloon jumps are fantastic!!! Steph -x-
  10. Good luck to everyone doing the 8-way Nationals this weekend! I hope you have as much fun as we did doing the 4-way comp
  11. Steph2

    DNA guy dies

    I wouldn't have a job without them! Steph -x-
  12. This is mad! South African women have been urged to check regularly at their local registry offices, to see whether they have been married without their knowledge... Steph -x-
  13. Yeah, we call them crisps over here - although we get Walkers and Golden Wonder in pubs - not Pringles I wonder which flavour the magpie likes best? I haven't tried feeding my birds chips yet... I don't eat them, but I'm pretty sure that they would! Especially after a few swigs of beer Steph -x-