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  1. I should be there... ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  2. DTOXX

    Island Life ...

    Taste like chicken! ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  3. What poker game is it for? I also see the final is in late November but different games have differing dates. I may be interested. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  4. DTOXX

    OLPC Laptop

    There was a little tiny box waiting for me when I walked in the door today. I had to change the way my wireless network is set up but thats OK. I had a WEP with a Shared Key but the XO didn't seem to like it. (even tryed the Wpa.sh file) Easy fix though, MAC filtering set to Allow on listed MAC address. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  5. DTOXX

    OLPC Laptop

    Still waiting for my XO. Hey Howard, can you give some update on the laptop? ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  6. DTOXX

    OLPC Laptop

    Damn it. I wanted to be the first to post a pic. I ordered mine on the first day,November 12th, at 9 in the morning. I did get this in an email this morning however: Dear OLPC Donor, We are very sorry to report that your XO laptop will not be arriving by December 24. If your laptop is a gift for a child, please click here to download a gift card explaining that an XO laptop is on its way. Your laptop is scheduled to be delivered before January 15. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  7. I am not sure what, if anything, they already have. I am simply estimating what we will need to include to cover possible request for data. Oil companies or notorious for saying they want one thing then act surprised when you give then exactly what they asked for and it doesn't do everything under the sun. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  8. We will most likely start with a single workstation installation but will be working towards providing data tables to clilents. In short here is the vision: We use ultrasonics to measure the thickness of pipes/vessels/tanks primarily for the petroleum industry. (this is state mandated/regulated work) We know that our clients, mainly large oil companies, are working on GIS systems for their regulated equipment. If we can gather the GPS data (thinking of using Trimble devices with error correction) while we are performing the inspections we can build our models of the pipelines and other equipment and then supply the same to the clients systems. The area would be roughly 60x30 miles square. There will be 5 or 6 areas inside this area where most of the data will be congregated. Themes= huh? Extensions = huh? I see the backend database as having the following fields associated with each data point. Main table: Unique ID Lat Long Alt Client General Site Specific Site Sub Site Equip. Type Product Temp Flow Size Required thickness allowable corrosion rate Sub table: Unique ID reference Measurement date Measurement thickness Thickness remaining (calculated) corrosion rate Other fields and/or table will surely be added to make the data easier to migrate/incorporate into existing, or future, client systems. There may be a CMMS tie in (Maximo, or MP2) and possible connections to other databases.) I am already on the ESRI newsletter list and will be attending a user group meeting in Southern California next month. I am also considering the self paced training provided by ESRI and/or the instructor lead training in Sacramento CA or Redlands CA. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  9. OK, so my boss walks up and says, "You know that GIS system we talked about implementing, your now in charge of making that happen." At first I thought, OK, I have a some idea on what I am up against... Now I am starting to think I don't have a clue. As such I turn to the Dropzone forum for help. (I almost posted this in the Ask Sunshine thread but thought better of it?) Is there someone here who is fairly knowledgeable in GIS and would LOVE to help a brotha out? ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  10. No, that would be a second opinion. Much like the second doctor saying, "your ugly too!" ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  11. It appears that I can send email from Dropzone.com but I am not receiving emails. Can someone confirm this? Thanks. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  12. Valthera - the Tiger. (could have been worse ) ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  13. Thanks J. Yep Ben and I knocked each other out (main and late games) so its all good. Heres to seeing more people next week. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  14. I took second in the main tourney but did have a nice come back. With 6 players left I started the hand with 270 in chips, out of the 30,000 on the table. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy
  15. Yeah the bubble sucks. ------- D.T. Holder SIMstudy