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  2. skytash

    Can I really not skydive

    Someone closer may be able to help with finding somewhere to jump, but I'll try to explain why you are running into problems! Unfortunately your physical fitness won't make much difference at your weight. The problem you are encountering is around equipment limits. When the parachute canopy opens, it decelerates the weight suspended underneath it. That puts forces onto all parts of the equipment, the harness you are wearing, the lines up to the canopy and the canopy itself. Equipment is manufactured to withstand the force up to a certain weight suspended under it and it seems that no-one has equipment that is manufactured to the required weight limit. I don't even know whether there is equipment out there that could take your weight plus that of a tandem master for a tandem, or if you wanted to do an AFF whether there is student gear manufactured to that weight limit. Like I said at the beginning, there may be kit out there for you - keep looking! tash
  3. skytash

    New Dog in town!

    we'll see you at Nationals then?? tash
  4. skytash

    Good luck, TSR!

    best wishes from me also - how's it going guys??? tash
  5. skytash

    Rumors of Skyventure Dubai?

    I believe a tunnel has been sitting in bits in a hangar there for years, although I have no idea whether it's likely to be assembled anytime soon. tash
  6. skytash

    Symbiosis Suits

    I'm sure it's on their webpage: although you may need to download the order forms. tash
  7. skytash

    Worried over AFF

    you'll read this a lot - talk to your instructor(s).
  8. skytash

    Updating of the database

    I'm pretty sure the database is maintained by someone in their spare time and I believe that they are committed to updating it, perhaps just haven't had the time to do so yet? tash
  9. skytash

    are tunnels profitable?

    I'm sure a fair number are registered companies and as such will need to file annual accounts with the relevant authorities (eg Companies House in England & Wales). Once you've trawled through them all - please let us all know tas
  10. just booked my space today and now have to read everything here to learn at least something about CReW before I go. Anyone else going? tash
  11. skytash

    What does Cypress ready mean?

    It means that it has the pocket in the reserve tray and any necessary routing around it for Cypres to be added, ie a rigger just needs to fit it rather than make any changes to add it to the rig. tash edited to remove second s
  12. skytash

    Importing rig from US to UK

    If you are picking it up, just declare it as you come through customs. If they are sending it, it may have to be sent to a Customs office which will hold it until you pay the duty. tash
  13. skytash

    New features in Cypress 2

    thanks for posting - does sound like fab quick service! tash
  14. skytash

    Skydive Pretoria

    I went to PSC for the first time today and loved it. There was the usual checking of paperwork, but nothing onerous, then I did a solo (as I always do first time at a new dz). On the way up I asked if there was a load organiser on the dz, and was duly introduced to him once back on the ground. Even the people I wasn't jumping with were very friendly, asking me where I came from, tellng stories of their experiences in the UK and overall very chatty. The dropzone is smaller than I'm used to, that just made it more friendly. I easily got 6 jumps in and could have done more. The plane is great, with a great sound system (shame about the Abba CD!), nicely fitted out and like any King Air, climbs nice and fast. I'll definitely be going back and am glad to have found a home while I'm in SA!
  15. skytash

    Deutsche Springer an Britischen Sprungplaetzen

    Ich glaube nur RAPA in Bad Lippspringe, aber d.h. Ihr Leute von Soest koennt uns jetzt so oft besuchen wie wir Euch (das ist ein Britishes Wir, da ich momentan gar nicht in Deutscland bin). tash