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  1. A man comes home from work to find his pregnant has gone into labor. Panicking, he calls the doctor and says " Doctor doctor. You have to help me. My wife has gone into labor. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO? The doctor says " O.K. O.K. Please just try to calm down. First, I'll need to ask you a few questions. Is this her first child?" The man replies, "no you idiot this is her husband"
  2. The canopy your talking about is a 7 cell reserve. While its not the latest technology out there, they are safe and reliable when they are in an airworthy condition. If it is airworthy, it'll be worth something to some one. To find out just what it could fetch, I suggest you contact a dealer that sells new and used gear. You may want to try Square 1 in Perris CA or perhaps Square 2 in Eloy AZ. Both will be happy to inspect it for a fee to determine what shape it's in. From my personnel experience, they are fair and trust worthy. They'll give you a fair shake. I don't have their numbers off hand but a quick web search will get you what you need. Good luck. K
  3. Put 8 jumps on my new REvolve today. I love it. It fits great and it's nice and quiet in free fall. I got it for doing tandems and it does just what I wanted it to do. I can easily flip the face peice up and out of the way to talk to my passenger both in the plane and under canopy and best of all (and the real reason I bought it), with the face piece down, it keeps the snot and slobber from my passengers nose and mouth from getting in my nose and mouth. That's a huge plus in my book. I doubt I'll ever do another tandem with out it.
  4. If you still have questions about the safety of the work, Ill have a look free of charge. I'm in your area. I've personally built 2000+ harness's and I am well versed in all variety of harness's in current use. E-mail if interested. K
  5. When I drug hoses, the motto seamed to be eat till your sleepy, sleep till your hungry. Of course that was practiced more by the old guys and less by the boots
  6. its actually not as uncommon as you may think. When I had my shop, people used to send gear to me for inspection before sale but it was always understood that if the rig went missing I'd be liable for it. My shop was in Eloy and those sending their rigs to me understood that I wasn't likely going to bail with their gear. Ask who the rigger is that the buyer wants you to send it to then check that rigger out. You'd be surprised how common this is and frankly it works quite well for all parties involved. Edited to say that I always received the rig straight form the seller and did not turn the rig over to the buyer until funds had posted into the sellers account. K
  7. I have always found that a little bit of saliva and a whole lot of persistance nusually does the trick
  8. BAE is making the E2C and we are putting it all together and packing it.
  9. That is correct. For those of you who have never worked on and E2C, most likely you don't know the meaning of complex. After almost 20 years working on parachutes, it's like I'm a brand new rigger all over again.
  10. O.K. all you uber riggers. Ever hear of or, have any experience working with a system called E2C. Anyone? Anyone? I'll be surprised if you have
  11. How bout this one? "If a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump its ass a hopping" 1 more for good measure. " to let that which does not matter truly slide"
  12. Humm.... well no matter.I just saw it posted today on my local online news outlet but even still,This shit is timeless. edited to add you can sell a thousand pounds of dope but if you suck one dog dick, well............I don't even know what to finish that with except to say that maybe Doug actually knows just how far down the rabbit hole goes"
  13. Wasn't this guy a skydiver/B.A.S.E jumper? Read to the middle of the article.
  14. Thats not really possible with out a bunch of fire trucks showing up. Lets face it. Nothing beats the taste of flesh cooked to perfection over a natural lump hardwood fuel source. Try that indoors and well.... you get to meet a bunch of guys you hadn't counted on meeting and in less than pleasant circumstances
  15. Well, It seems that I've caused quite the shit storm so, in the interest of lively debate, heres another log for the fire. Below is a direct quote from Sandy's 2005 handbook. Look it up if you'd like. "In the past, many master riggers felt that they were empowered to undertake almost any task. The attitude was, “We can lift the TSO label, build a new harness, and put the TSO label back on.” This is not the case. Just because an individual has a master rigger license does not mean he or she is qualified to undertake a complex repair" Hummm. Thats strange. After all these years, I thought that it was the FAA, not the manufactures that granted me the authority to perform complex repairs, including a repair that may involve lifting the TSO label, patching the tail of a reserve canopy or repairing a harness, and then putting the label back in place when I'm finished . Keep mind, I said repair. NOT ALTERATION. According to Sandy's manual, I can't do any major repair involving a TSO label unless he or some other manufacture gives me the green light. I wonder. If I replace a damaged main lift web, using the exact same materials, from the exact same source the original manufacture received their material's, complete with the exact same quality control testing certifications the original manufacture received and, I perform the repair in precisely the same manor the manufacture intended when they first manufactured the main lift web, right down to the stitch per inch and, I conform to all the requirements of maintaining all the proper/required records,(just like the manufacture) how is that not in keeping with the per view of my certification? Since when does any manufacture have the authority to tell me that I can not perform the duties of my certification granted to me by the federal government? Sounds to me as if the wolf (AKA DPRE)is trying to run the chicken coop