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    The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet

    Put 8 jumps on my new REvolve today. I love it. It fits great and it's nice and quiet in free fall. I got it for doing tandems and it does just what I wanted it to do. I can easily flip the face peice up and out of the way to talk to my passenger both in the plane and under canopy and best of all (and the real reason I bought it), with the face piece down, it keeps the snot and slobber from my passengers nose and mouth from getting in my nose and mouth. That's a huge plus in my book. I doubt I'll ever do another tandem with out it.
  2. KevinMcGuire

    Buying a rig, found one but not sure if I should get it...

    Their manufacture dates are not a factor. You need to be more concerned about the sizes of the canopies and harness/container relative to your body weight and experience level.
  3. KevinMcGuire

    are hip rings worth the money?

    simply put, yes
  4. KevinMcGuire

    oregon waterfalls

    I think yes. Is the place your talking about up river from a popular over look? If so, then yes it has been jumped buy a guy named Larry March back in the early 90's. The jump went badly for him resulting in injuries which lasted the rest of his life. Be careful. K
  5. KevinMcGuire

    interesting hand tacking

    Nothing like a little black stinky death to start off the day. I certianly hope that you get a hold of the rigger that did it. This is one fuck up that should not be swept under the rug.
  6. KevinMcGuire

    Does BASE have a Moores Law

  7. KevinMcGuire

    Something I didn't expect

    I had the same thing happen to me years ago. I used to build high rise buildings in LA. One day whild eating lunch, I suddenly got the urge to just bail right off the edge. Freaked the shit right out me. It wasn't until years later that I bacame a BASE jumper. I guess it was just my future calling to me. Kevin
  8. KevinMcGuire

    Grommet for closing loop

    I bevieve that it's for creating a hesitating bight with the bridle as a means to promote a sequenced deployment of the reserve free bag
  9. KevinMcGuire

    Drop feed vs needle feed for container work

    Nothing beats a good walking foot (which also has a needle feed action) for working on containers. Needle feeds without a walking foot are mostly used for lighter materials.
  10. KevinMcGuire

    Replacing Nitro lines

    The down fall of sewing with a straight stitch on line is that the straight stitch has no elasticity so if the line stretches, the straight stitch is more likely to break where the bartack or zig zag most likely will not. However, on most canopys, the bartack is there really as a back up and the finger trap is what actually provides the holding power. Providing there is sufficient line contained with in the finger trap, you should be O.K. but you may want to have some one throw a few bartacks in for you just to be on the safe side. K
  11. Robin Heid,Robin Heid, Robin Heid. Oops sorry wrong thread
  12. KevinMcGuire

    92 Jav. Container

    Age had nothing to do with it. Just have it checked out at your local riger to make sure that it is airworthy
  13. KevinMcGuire

    Landing at 11,300ft

    Get a really REALLY big parachute cause your landing is going to suck. Oh and your opening will probably suck as well. Other than that it should be great
  14. Call skydive AZ and ask for Dusty (520) 466-3753
  15. KevinMcGuire


    Might be a bit too obvious but are you making sure that your leg straps are tight, even, and not slipping on opening?
  16. KevinMcGuire

    Legal or illegal?

    I smell a troll. Who are you? Why do you ask? Who do you work for? How will the stats that you collect be used?
  17. KevinMcGuire

    Rubberbandless d-bags

    Sup pete, Try Sun Path. I know they had one they were playing with
  18. KevinMcGuire

    Center-stop bartack pattern

    It is important to remember that the straight stitches of a bar tack are there only to hold the material untill the zig zag pattern begins. The straight stitches (AKA stay stitches) have little to no elasticity and therefor need to be kept to a minumim. A bartack with too many stay stitches will fail prematurely if the stitch is loaded along it's long axis. As to the number of stiches in each pattern, that is specific to the type of loading the stitch will be subjected to. I have seen patters @26 42 60 72. I could go on but Idon't feel like typing that long. PM me with you number and I'll call wth more detail Kevin
  19. KevinMcGuire

    brake stowage! Rant

    Edit to add that I nailed ya and no one who is in this no where place will respond. take care, space Ummmmm..........What?
  20. KevinMcGuire

    low pull - WS pilots BEWARE!!

    Fuck any one who gives you shit for being honest and fuck those who are more concerned with how they look than they are about sharing info that might save some ones life. Good job man. Glad your able to talk about it and be pround that your man enough to talk about it. Those who claim to be perfect are the most flawed.
  21. KevinMcGuire

    unstable exit recovery

    All depends on available altitude. Best bet is not blow it in the first place. When I teach new jumpers I always mention that their bodies will follow where they are looking. In other words if, you look at the ground while you are exiting, then there is very high probability that you will go head down. Instead, I suggest that when learning the muscle memory of a proper exit, always look at the horizon until you have pitched. This greatly reduces your chances of over rotating and going head down. Once a student has that down then they can start practicing exiting while looking at the ground
  22. KevinMcGuire

    Dead Jaap Pack

    Nicely done. I think you have hit the nail on the head.
  23. KevinMcGuire

    Dam, Another aussie critically injured

    Do we have a name yet?